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Steiner Education Australia

National Teachers’ Conference

5-8 July, 2021

Being Responsive to our Times

Samford Valley Steiner School, Narrawa Drive, Samford Valley, QLD



The 2021 SEA National Teachers’ conference will explore Being Responsive to our Times, through the themes of 

Community – creating space for community building where people can support each other, share and build connection that sustain individuals, schools and wider communities. 

Education for health – exploring through research and pedagogical insights the aspects of Steiner education (meaningful content, purpose in learning, play, nature creative engagement, the arts and movement) that are actively associated with good health outcomes. 

Freedom through independent thinking – bring an understanding of how each stage of schooling builds an independent, living thinking in young people

Trauma-informed education practices – supporting the education, and wellbeing of all students within a culture of inclusivity

The Essence of Steiner Educationwhat the essential learning experiences are and which content is most important

Indigenous wisdom and care – build deeper understanding of indigenous cultures and histories to support reconciliation, environmental understanding and shared community                 

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Full Program  Presenters


Evening Program: 

Tuesday 6 July, 2021 – Immersive Eurythmy Performance – Pacifica College of Eurythmy

Pacifica College of Eurythmy will be joined by composer – pianist Erik Griswold, sound artist Vanessa Tomlinson and others to present an immersive performance-experience interweaving eurythmy, music, spoken text and more in progression through the grounds, hall and amphitheatre of Samford Valley Steiner School. 

The theme – the taxing questions: do you really see who I am? Do you see the fine web of assumptions and prejudices that ensnare me? Can you let me be?

(Cost included in conference registration)

Wednesday 7 July, 2021 – Samford Valley Steiner School staff present ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. Tickets must be purchased in advance from the conference booking website. $30 for supper and show.








Hands on lunchtime practical art sessions

At the last SEA Teachers Conference, Mercurius Australia introduced lunch time creative workshops. There was such overwhelming feedback that Mercurius will be offering a new series of workshops for this year’s conference.
The hands-on workshops will be run by Lily Riley, Mercurius’ resident Artist and Steiner Alumna. Lily will demonstrate the unique properties of a selection of our artistic and craft products, and how they can be used to enhance and explore the Steiner curriculum.
Informative, lots of fun, a chance to explore some new ideas and a creative outlet.
Workshop 1 – Watercolour Pencils – Monday Lunch time
Discover how to subtly blend and mix colours using a brush, some water, and the Lyra Rembrandt Aquarell water colour pencils. Light-fast pigment with wax emulsifiers is activated with water to easily disperse over paper for effortless colour mixing. A hands-on workshop, creating artworks inspired by the natural world.
Workshop 2 – Shading in Graphite – Tuesday Lunch time
Explore the world of shading with an assortment of unique drawing pencils. Discover the qualities of chalk, charcoal, carbon, graphite, and water soluble graphites. Perfect for portraits, sketching, landscapes, and blending. Experiment for yourself how the different lead compositions work together to create unique artworks.
Workshop 3 – Traditional Ropework and Braiding – Wednesday Lunch time
From the earliest grades, wool and fibre awaken the will in little fingers. Throughout the grades, fibre and yarn can continue to engage will-filled activities to explore the curriculum. Experiment with and learn how the Lucet was used for Viking Rope Making, about the Japanese Rope Braiding technique known as Kumihimo and how to tie a simple Celtic Knot.

Contact: For more information about the 2021 National Teachers’ Conference please contact SEA by email or phone on sea@steinereducation.edu.au or 02 9411 2579. 





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The 2021 SEA National Teachers’ Conference is sponsored by Mercurius Australia and NGS Super.