Building on the foundations

a modern interpretation of the first teachers’ course

 3rd to the 6th July 2017
Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School, Middle Cove, Sydney

cristof wboat

Keynote Speaker – Christof Wiechert

In the first teachers’ course Steiner stated that pedagogy is not a system, but is an art, and this ‘feeling for the art of life is brought to life only through an observation of the cosmos and its connection with the human being’.

An important task for teachers is to see each student as a three-fold human being; to support the integration of body, soul and spirit in each student. In today’s modern world this integration is becoming impaired, disconnected or deharmonised in many students. The teacher’s task is to understand the developmental stages and processes of the three-fold human being, to find a balance between imagination and memory, and to support the development of healthy interconnections between body, soul and spirit for each student.

This conference is designed to refresh, enliven and stimulate new ideas for teachers in the early childhood, primary and high school years.

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