Position statement from Steiner Education Australia (SEA) regarding mandatory vaccinations for staff working on school sites

Steiner Education Australia is supportive of the national effort to tackle the spread of COVID-19, and schools will comply with the requirements of state and territory health authorities.

Where an order has been issued for mandatory vaccinations for staff working on school sites, as it has in a number of states, such orders carry the force of law – meaning that failure to comply carries severe penalties, places in jeopardy the school’s registration and therefore ability to remain open, might increase the liability of the school, and could invalidate school insurances.

As a movement, we believe that vaccination is a medical, not an educational question, and we take no stance beyond that other than to agree that schools have a responsibility to educate and lead by example with safe health practices.

However, as we know, many of our teachers, staff and parents will have their own views and they must rely on those to make their own choices. These views are personal and while respected, should not be interpreted as a change in each school’s decision to comply with the laws of their State.