At the 2012 National Education Forum, a vision for the future was given by social researcher, Mark McCrindle, responsible for tracking global educational trends. He stated that lifelong learning is critical to sustain future workers through a very varied career structure and to work in jobs that do not even exist yet. These workers may reinvent career pathways several times during their lifetimes.

He went on to say that there are 4’R’s in education:

Real – in a world of massive change, equip students with real skills
Relevant – meet the needs of changing times
Responsive – connect with students and be flexible
Relational – it’s about teacher connection.

Technology will continually change, but what will be of the utmost significance to lifelong learning will be excellent relationships between teachers and students; to inspire them and to love them.

“I am incredibly thankful
 to Steiner education for the experience, personal strengths, values and knowledge I was encouraged to develop. A common question from parents considering Steiner education, “Will my child still reach similar academic outcomes and cope in a mainstream environment?” I believe the answer is, “Absolutely”. I can attest to the fact that many individuals who completed their primary years at a Steiner school went on to excel and surpass their peers in whatever their chosen area of interest – be it Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Economics, Music, Art or English.”

Chahaya Gauci. Attended Monash University medical school (graduated 2013) and began work as a doctor at St George hospital