2018 Research Data

In 2018, Steiner Education Australia embarked on a comprehensive research project to help both SEA and local schools better understand their core audiences, and provide a foundation for building stronger relationships with government and educational services partners.

There were 3,055 respondents, including principals, teachers, board members, staff, parents, students and alumni, from 54 metropolitan and regional schools across the country.

In summary, the key responses included:

  • Over 80% of parents said they selected our schools because they are Steiner Schools and as such reflect their values. 

  • 86% of parents said they strongly agree or agree that with the statement that they are satisfied with their choice. 

  • More than 92% said they valued an arts-based approach to learning. 

  • 85% of parents said Steiner schools are preferred to other schools because they offer a well-rounded education, teach to the individual and because of their culture and values. 

  • 88% of Year 9-12 students strongly agreed or agreed that ‘their teachers know me’. Nearly 80% are happy and fulfilled at school. 90% of students have good relationships with teachers and 87% have good relationships with other students.
  • Alumni results give insight into the enduring effects of a Steiner education and reinforcement of some of our core educational objectives: an overwhelming 89% agree that ‘what I learnt is highly appropriate to later life’. 95% agree that ‘attending a Steiner school has been an asset in my life’. 94% of alumni would recommend a Steiner school education.

With over 50 Steiner schools surveyed, this was an overwhelming level of support and endorsement of our educational approach and pedagogy.