Digital technology is an exciting and empowering field of human endeavour. Steiner schools delay the formal integration of complex digital technologies until high school. Steiner primary education is an engaging, dynamic and multi-disciplinary experience providing a natural and human environment where children learn to observe, question and express themselves fully. An ‘unplugged’ experience is seen as crucial for children to develop an uncluttered self- image and the ability to develop rich communications skills.

Handcrafts balance intellectual activities through the experience of doing and making. Students develop dexterity through learning traditional skills such as knitting, sewing, crochet and woodwork.They gain a sense for beauty, quality and colour, combined with creative and imaginative use of natural materials. Students design and make beautiful, useful objects through innovative, meaningful and practical activity. Handcraft in the primary school provides the basis for further learning in the secondary school, where students quickly learn to apply digital and design technologies effectively, creatively and ethically.