We acknowledge the original spiritual sovereignty of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and commit to consideration and support of their aspirations towards the future as expressed in the 2017 Uluru Statement from the Heart.

Steiner Education Australia is the not for profit national association/peak body representing over 50 Steiner/Waldorf schools and 16 Associate members throughout the states and territories of Australia. Each organisation is independent, but Steiner Education Australia provides a national voice to promote and support Steiner education in Australia.

Steiner education is an internationally recognized educational movement. Steiner education is future-orientated and the holistic style underpinning this unique pedagogy supports the healthy well-being of children around the world.There are over 1300 Steiner/Waldorf Schools and 2000 Early Childhood centres worldwide in over 60 countries. (World Wide List of Steiner /Waldorf Schools).

Steiner Education Australia is a member of the International Forum for Steiner/Waldorf Education and is also affiliated with the European Council of Steiner/Waldorf Education, the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America and the Federation of Rudolf Steiner Schools in New Zealand.

Steiner Schools have been operating in Australia for more than 60 years and are growing in popularity locally and globally. In Australia, 17 new schools opened in the last decade, and Steiner-based streams have been being introduced to several state schools in South Australia and Victoria. There are more Steiner schools scheduled to open in 2020 and beyond. Steiner schools represent the largest number of non-denominational, independent schools in Australia. 

The surge in interest is expected to increase further with Gonski 2.0 placing great emphasis on critical and creative thinking, social skills and problem solving – capabilities which the Steiner philosophy has long since cultivated.

To uphold the pedagogy of Steiner education, Steiner Education Australia has developed the Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework (ASCF).

The ASCF is recognised by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) as meeting the requirements of ACARA’s Australian Curriculum. This includes providing for students to learn the curriculum content and achieve standards described in Australian Curriculum documents.

Each school is registered with their state/territory regulatory authority. To find the school nearest you, see the Member Schools link.


Steiner Education Australia supports, advocates, promotes and represents the free and healthy development of Steiner education in contemporary, diverse contexts.

Steiner Education Australia’S VALUES

  • responsibility
  • collaboration
  • inclusivity
  • diversity
  • initiative
  • respect for the spiritual nature of the human being and the developmental stages of children and young people.
  • creative and contemporary expressions of Rudolf Steiner’s work.

Steiner Education Australia’S MISSION

  • To promote, represent, advocate for and support Steiner education in Australia.

Our purpose is to enable a Steiner education accessible to all within a core social renewal ethos. 

If you are interested in the global Steiner/Waldorf school movement, please go to our links page, where we have provided contact information about Steiner/Waldorf education in the UK, Europe, North America and New Zealand.

Steiner Education Australia is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee (ACN 617 276 098), an Australian Registered body with the Australian Securities Commission – ABN 082 942 541.

To find the nearest school to you go to our Australian Steiner Schools page.