Learn to change the world

Act locally, affect globally

Steiner/Waldorf schools change the world

The first Waldorf school was founded in Stuttgart in 1919. Today there are over 1,100 Waldorf schools and almost 2,000 Waldorf kindergartens in some 80 countries around the globe. And more all the time. We are making our Centennial an occasion to further develop Waldorf education for contemporary times, and focus more consciously on its global dimensions. With many exciting projects on all continents. Keep your ears and eyes open, and be part of the movement: 100 years are just the beginning!

For more information about Waldorf 100 events can be found on the Waldorf 100 website https://www.waldorf-100.org/en/

A short film “Learn to Change the World” shows people from around the world who work on the big pedagogical tasks of our time based on Waldorf/Steiner pedagogy.



For information about Waldorf 100 events around the world, please visit https://www.waldorf-100.org/en/events/

In 2019 Steiner Education Australia will host the 2109 National Teachers’ Conference Renewal for the 21st Century, 8-11 July, 2019 in Byron Bay, NSW. More information can be found the conference website https://www.steinereducation.edu.au/teachers-conference-2019/.

Samford Valley Steiner School is hosting a Youth Conference in September, 2019 to coincide with the 100 year celebration of Steiner/Waldorf education. For more information please contact Samford Valley Steiner School.