Music Resources

  • Author Judith Clingan

As we’re at the start of a new school year, music teachers, class teachers in Steiner schools, and parents keen to help their children learn music, may be interested to know that I have recently had some of my out-of-print books re-run.

1. SONGS OF THE TREE OF LIFE vol. 1: 20 copies are now available, for $25 each. Sound files are also available.
NB Teachers of classes 1 and 2 who are using or aim to use diatonic descant recorders rather than pentatonic recorders, are welcome to email me for versions of these songs in keys more suitable to the diatonic descant recorder.

2. MUSICIANSHIP MAGIC: 10 copies are left, for $20. This is helpful for older beginners (ie children in classes 4 and above who have missed out on the class 3 introduction to music notation…)

3. PLAY ON!: My fulsome curriculum for teaching the recorder, covering pentatonic, diatonic descant and treble, for all levels, is now available via the on-demand publisher Lulu for $60

4. MUSIC IS FOR EVERYONE: is a small handbook for parents-$10.

5. SONGS OF THE TREE OF LIFE vol. 2 – this is not reprinted, but a scanned version is available for $15.

Payment details are on my website: