Hebrew Songs and Dances

  • Author Diane Tatum

Class 3 Curriculum Resource: Hebrew Songs and Dances

Selected and Annotated by Diane Tatum

Hebrew Songs and Dances is a valuable resource for Class 3 teachers looking for practical and inspiring material for morning circle.

The resource highlights the deep inter-relationships between the developmental stage of Class 3 children, the cultural content of the curriculum and the significance of age-appropriate musical and movement skills.

The dances of the Hebrew folk tradition, with their lively crossover patterns, timing and teamwork, bring a much longed-for sense of strength and empowerment to the early end of the ‘Nine-Year Change’. The evocative melodies of Hebrew songs provide a stirring accompaniment to morning circle work during the Old Testament main lessons, and can be practiced throughout the year.

The Hebrew Songs and Dances resource includes:

  1. A manual with sheet music, summaries of the dance steps and cues for teaching. The songs are a well-rounded mixture of:
  • Traditional Hebrew rounds suited to learning part-singing in Class 3.
  • Hebrew songs with original English renderings.
  • Original lyrics purpose-written for specific scenes in class plays, based on traditional Hebrew melodies.
  • Songs originally composed in English from traditional sources or by other songwriters, which support aspects of the Old Testament Main Lesson and lend themselves to class plays and morning circle work.
  1. A DVD/USB with instructional videos for teaching 7 dances.
  2. An audio CD/USB with 35 tracks – great for listening to in the car!
  3. A page of introduction to the Hebrew Alphabet
  4. The First Day of Creation from Genesis, printed in English and Hebrew, including a Hebrew pronunciation guide.
  5. BONUS TRACK: Audio recording of the First Day of Creation in Hebrew.

To order Hebrew Songs and Dances, please contact diane.tatum@optusnet.com.au.

The cost of this resource, including updates, is $100, postage paid.