Class 9 Chemistry & Class 10 Chemistry

  • Author Dr Manfred von Mackensen

Two ‘must have’ books for all Waldorf/Steiner High Schools!

Dr Manfred von Mackensen is a master of pedagogy.  These books will be of special interest to all high school chemistry teachers who want to understand the adolescent and how to engage them in their subject.  But wider than that, they show how a subject is developed in a way that connects with the world today and integrates different aspects such as the modern economy, technological processes, the environment and more.


Class 9 Chemistry Various themes are covered, such as the nature and production of petroleum, alcohol, home medicines, anaesthetics, vinegar and fragrances.

An essay on ‘Recognising what is human in Education: The structure of the school day, styles of teaching, ideals of Education’ by Peter Glasby is included.

108 pp      $30


Class 10 Chemistry

Balance and polarity, fundamental “latent questions” that lie deep in the soul of the young person are here given some answer through the exploration of these three substances.  Once again the relationships and connections to the world around us are the framework for the chemical reactions and investigation of the nature of these substances.

These books are published by the Pedagogical Section in Australia. 

93pp      $30


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