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Christof Wiechert

At the World Teachers Conference in Dornach March 2016 Christof Wiechert gave an inspiring lecture, ‘The World between rigidity and arbitrariness: symptomatic situations in school life’.

He stated that modern society lacks stability, basic securities do not exist anymore and discussed polarities between structure and impulse; how can we balance creativity within structure? We have too much structure and form in our lives and are losing a living balance in life.

Obediency to structures often opposes our creativity and presents new problems in relation to space and time, structure and creativity, and form and content. Christof highlighted that form is body, and content is spirit, therefore we must find the balance between body and spirit. In modern psychology this is called the power of integration.

Christof related this to the task of educating soul and social capacities; to integrate Spirit and Body to educate the Soul Spirit; the soul capacities of thinking, feeling and willing.

Pie ChartIn lecture 6 Foundations of Human Experience

Christof Wiechert returns to Australia for this exciting conference to help develop the conference theme and share his knowledge and wisdom in bringing Rudolf Steiner’s indications in 1919 and interpreting them to a 2017 context, in order to support teachers in their important work.

Christof will present 4 lectures and a workshop series on Child Study at the conference. 

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All workshops at the 2017 National Teachers’ conference will be offered as a series or workshops. It is expected that participants will attend all workshops in the series they choose to attend.

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