Lecture Program 2021

Andrew Hill has taken three 8 year Class Teacher cycles, and taught high school up to Year 12. He is Head of School at Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School, Sydney and is a regular speaker at workshops and conferences. He has been involved in teacher training for many years at the Glenaeon Intensives as well as in Waldorf schools in South East Asia.

Monday, 5 July, 2021 – The Final Freedom: Teaching Students to Think in a Post-Truth World

We may face a time where machines will think for us (AI), decisions are based on algorithms, and we allow ourselves to be fed news that validates our already fixed views of the world. Where then is our independent thinking? It’s an ultimate question and one at the heart of both Steiner education, and the future of humanity. In a world of post-truth and fake news, how do we educate young people to experience thoughts that align with reality? How can our education, at each of the three stage of schooling (early childhood, class teachers and high school) support the development of free, independent thinking?

Tuesday, 6 July, 2021 – Healthy teaching, Healthy people: The Health-giving forces of Steiner Education: A Conversation with Dr Simon Bednarek  
Research suggests there are many factors that promote good health in addition to the obvious physical factors such as genetics, diet and exercise. Research suggests that many of the “tools” of Steiner education (meaningful content, purpose in learning, play, immersion in nature, creative engagement, the arts and movement) are actively associated with good health outcomes. How can teachers and schools support the health of our students and ourselves? Andrew Hill and Dr Simon Bednarek will share research and pedagogical insights in a conversation on the “mystery of immunity”, a critically important issue for our times.


Munya Andrews is a Bardi woman originally from the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Despite a socially disadvantaged background and not speaking for the first five years of her life, Munya has been an accomplished and influential voice for her community. As a public speaker, she is much sought after in Australia and abroad.

Educated in Australia and the USA, Munya has degrees in anthropology and law. She has practised law in Victoria and New South Wales as a solicitor and barrister, including as a legal academic at the University of Melbourne and at Southern Cross University, teaching Indigenous legal subjects.

Munya is equally well-versed in traditional laws, customs and practices.

Like many Aboriginal people, Munya has learned to work and live in two worlds. Her dream is to bring them closer together, and cultural awareness is an invaluable tool in the process.

Monday, 5 July, 2021 – The Dreaming and Cultural Awareness


Dr Tom Brunzell (MST, EdM, PhD) has experience as a teacher, school leader, researcher and education advisor in New York City and Melbourne. Currently he is the Director of Education at Berry Street. Tom presents internationally on topics of transforming school cultures, high expectations for differentiated instruction, trauma-informed practice, wellbeing and the application of positive psychology, and effective school leadership. His research at the University of Melbourne Centre of Positive Psychology investigates trauma-aware pedagogy, positive psychology, positive education and their impacts on workplace meaning.

Tuesday 6 July, 2021 – From Trauma-Affected to Trauma-Informed:  A whole-school approach to community learning and care
Integrating the emerging sciences of trauma-informed practice, wellbeing and positive psychology within Anthroposophic values, Tom will share strategies to a support struggling students within a whole-school approach.

Wednesday 7 July, 2021 – Trauma-Informed Teacher Wellbeing:  Bolstering teachers and staff to identify and proactively manage the impacts of primary and vicarious stressors
The staff within our schools are contending with ongoing crises fatigue, Zoom fatigue, and the uncertainty of school as we envisioned it could be. Predicated on research arising from investigations into trauma-informed teacher wellbeing, learn strategies to support one another as we care for and educate our young people.

Dr Neil Boland (MusB, MMus, PhD) has taught at all levels from early childhood to postgraduate. He is senior lecturer in the School of Education at Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand and Associate Professor at the National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan. His research interests include the contextualisation of Steiner education in non-European cultural and geographic settings, education for social justice, teacher education for the 21st century and educational futures. His work involves promoting the conversation between Waldorf education and other educational philosophies.

Wednesday 7 July, 2021 – Diversity and Inclusion in Steiner settings: part of the problem or part of the solution?
Steiner education has entered its second century, and around it many traditions (and some myths) have accumulated. How true to its roots has Steiner education been? How effective is it at meeting the needs of contemporary children and educating them all to meet their potential? To what extent do inherited practices and mindsets hold us (and some of our students) back as we strive towards diversity, equity and inclusion? 


James Deefholts has been a Waldorf Teacher since 2005 and completed his Steiner teacher training at Parsifal College in Sydney. James has completed two rounds of class teaching at Chrysalis Steiner School and is currently completing his third round at Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School. 
James was an integral part of the management team at Chrysalis Steiner School, serving as the Chair of the College Of Teachers for a number of years and as a member of the Board of Directors. He is currently the Chair of College at Cape Byron Rudolf Steiner School. James has a passion for supporting teachers to deepen their practise and works with teachers as a one-on-one mentor and delivering professional development sessions focussing on behaviour support, learning challenges, child development, and the inner life of the teacher. He is lead writer and tutor for EduCareDo Subject Course: The Therapeutic Aspects of Waldorf Education and is a father of 5 aged between 1 and 19yrs.

Thursday 8 July, 2021 – Reflecting on the essence of Steiner education
The gift of the COVID pandemic for educators has been that as the ways of connecting to children changed overnight, we have had to reimagine and reevaluate how to bring the wisdom of the Steiner/Waldorf Curriculum as an artistic and human-centred process to students. Change in all areas of life became a daily backdrop. Questions have arisen around what the essential learning experiences are and  which content is most important as teachers could not do everything. Teachers have grappled with the essence of the methodology and the curriculum they are trying to impart and we will share their insights and reflections. A diverse group of experienced teachers, led by James Deefholts, will share their insights in a collaborative lecture on the essence of Steiner education.


Dr Bronwen Haralambous‘ work is guided by her interest in a contemplative approach to life and her strong resolve to bring Steiner’s philosophical and pedagogical indications into dialogue with classic and contemporary ideas and research findings.

Bronwen has studied Steiner philosophy and pedagogy throughout her adult life. In her early career Bronwen’s area of expertise was high school teaching in both mainstream and Steiner high schools, with a focus on the subject areas of English, Drama, and History. During this period Bronwen was a pioneer teacher in the Orana High School and Senior College where she participated in workshops and conferences on Steiner education, College Leadership, and Parent and Teacher Education.

More recently Bronwen moved into tertiary education and has taught at the University of Canberra, the Metavision Institute, and is currently teaching in the Graduate Certificate in Steiner Education at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Bronwen was the leading research writer of the Academic Foundations Paper for the Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework and the High School English Curriculum. She is one of the leading researchers of the recently launched Steiner Graduate Outcomes Research Project. Bronwen is a Director of Heartwood Siteworks, a Steiner oriented research group (heartwoodsiteworks.com.au).

Thursday 8 July, 2021 – Research Report on Australian Steiner Graduate Outcomes Project
In this lecture presentation we will present a brief overview of the results and recommendations arising out of the Australian Steiner Graduate Outcomes Project. Dr Michael Carey will speak to his analysis of the statistical outcomes and I will report on key findings from the focus group interviews. Two alumni or recent graduates who participated in the survey and in the focus group interviews will report on their experience as participants in the project. They will also comment on what they found most intriguing about it and what their recommendations are for the flourishing growth of Steiner education, both in Australia and globally.





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