Address: QLD

Postal Address: 136 Finucane Rd, Alexandra Hills QLD 4161

Phone: 0416 697 882




Classes: Prep - Class 4

Membership: Associate Members

The South-East Brisbane Steiner School located in the Redlands area will be opening in 2022. Through the Arts and connection with their inner feeling life, children experience the beauty and wonder from the natural world.  Developing the child’s imagination through immersion in music and the Arts, allows these gifts to transcend into our souls.  We value children developing the dispositions to be inquisitive and resilient learners through engagement in authentic passion projects and free deeds of love in our local and global community.  Curriculum integration and complex play provide the hooks for engagement, builds social skills and provides contexts for learning.

The South East Brisbane Steiner School offers continuation of learning that is aligned with Steiner indications for children from Rose Rainbow Steiner Kindergarten and in the local community.