Address: 16 Cramond Road, Basket Range SA 5138

Postal Address: 16 Cramond Road, Basket Range SA 5138

Phone: (08) 8390 3466




Classes: F-3, 4 in 2019, 5 in 2020, 6 in 2021, 7 in 2022

Membership: Associate Members

Classes offered F-2

Basket Range is a small Adelaide Hills school, surrounded by native bush, which looks out across valleys and hills. We boast a unique environment that provides a living world in which the children play, learn and grow. The ‘garden’, a gradual slope shaded by tall pines and eucalypts, is most often where the children play; climbing trees, building cubbies and marble runs, or counting tadpoles in the frog bog. 

 Our school is over 130 years old and we celebrate the relationships we have with past students and the local community and value their support in our reading, gardening construction, and music programs. Living in a time of rapid change and uncertainty, our students inherit a sense of stability and belonging created through meeting and working with our local elders and the history they bring with them.

It is our community who welcomed and drove the initiative for a Steiner stream recognising compatibility in philosophy and values; service to others, appreciation of difference, care for the natural world, an education that produces strong, and adaptable individuals with the capability to imagine a better world. Through this we foresee the continuation of a strong and healthy community celebrating both the similarities and the differences of the two streams.