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  • Port Macquarie Steiner School

    Port Macquarie 2018: K, 2019: K-2, 2021: K-6 

    A new, regional Steiner school on the naturally beautiful mid-north coast, with our foundation Kindergarten Class of six students having commenced this year (2018). We plan to grow at least one year at a time until class six. We instil in our children a love of learning, and encourage them to take an active role in their education. We wish to enliven learning. We wish to nourish our children and enrich our community, through a school based on the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, that is relevant and meaningful in today’s world. 

    Classes Offered 2018: K, 2019: K-2, 2021: K-6
    Address 8 Table Street, Port Macquarie NSW 2444
    Postal AddressPO Box 485, Port Macquarie NSW 2444
    Phone0475 083 956


  • Sydney Rudolf Steiner College

    Sydney Teacher Education 

    In the heart of Sydney, Sydney Rudolf Steiner College offers NESA (NSW Education Standards Authority) accredited and other Professional Development programs for all Proficient level teachers in NSW.

    Our Rudolf Steiner Early Childhood teaching pathway is also recognised with IASWECE (International Association of Steiner/Waldorf Early Childhood Education) and relevant Australia wide.

    Distance Rudolf Steiner education programs in Early Childhood, Primary and High School teaching are available for all Australian teachers and may be used for teacher identified Professional Development as may our Short Courses.

    Sydney Rudolf Steiner College is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 40975). NESA Provider Code P12410.

    For full details please consult our website: www.sydneyrudolfsteinercollege.com

    Contact: admin@sydneyrudolfsteinercollege.com

    Phone: (02) 9261 4001

    Classes Offered Teacher Education
    Address 307 Sussex Street Sydney NSW 2000
    Phone02 9261 4001


  • The Australian Association for Rudolf Steiner Early Childhood Education Inc.


    The Australian Association for Rudolf Steiner Early Childhood Education is working to promote healthy development for children and to establish places where children can live their childhood fully.

    Committee Contacts as of September 2016:

    Office Bearers:

    Chairperson – Marilou Araullo: maraullo@samfordsteiner.qld.edu.au          

    Treasurer and Public Officer – Heather van Zyl: heathervanzyl7@gmail.com               

    Membership Registrar – Julie McVeigh: julie.mcveigh@gmail.com                       

    Secretary and Star Weavings Contact – Connie Grawert: conniegrawert@optusnet.com.au                                                                                      

    Regional Representatives:

    ACT/ Southern NSW – Stephanie Gotlieb: lucienne.l@hotmail.com

    Northern NSW and Queensland – Marilou Araullo: maraullo@samfordsteiner.qld.edu.au  & Julie McVeigh: julie.mcveigh@gmail.com

    South Australia – Brioni Pridham: brionipridham@bigpond.com

    Sydney Region – Catherine Pilko: crpilko@yahoo.com

    Tasmania – Chantal De Brauwer: chantaldebk@gmail.com

    Victoria – Leanne Moraes: leannemoraes@gmail.com & Jane Evans: jltevans@gmail.com

    Western Australia – Ute ten Hompel: utenhompel21@gmail.com

    Classes Offered
    Address NSW
    Postal AddressPO Box 3602 Tuggerah NSW 2259


  • Warrah School

    Dural Curative Education K-12 

    Warrah School is the only Steiner Special School in Sydney. Warrah School provides educational programs to children aged 4 to 18 years who have intellectual disability and/or autism. Students are supported by a team of specialist teachers, therapists and administrative personnel. The Curriculum incorporates Steiner’s indications for Curative Education.

    Classes Offered Curative Education K-12
    Address 20 Harris Road, Dural NSW 2158
    Postal AddressPO Box 357, Round Corner NSW 2158
    Phone(02) 9651 2411


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  • Goora Gan Steiner School

    Queensland P-6 

    Goora Gan Steiner School is nestled in bush land by the beach of stunning Agnes Water, Southern Great Barrier Reef. Brought to life by a team of passionate parents and community members, this pioneering school is accredited for P-6, has started with students in P-2 and is growing daily. We are so grateful to be offering such a beautiful, holistic education to the children of our community.

    Classes Offered P-6
    Address 71 Springs Road, Agnes Water QLD 4766
    Postal AddressPO Box 386 Agnes Water QLD 4677
    Phone07 4974 9906


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  • Basket Range Primary School

    Basket Range F-2 

    Classes offered F-2

    Basket Range is a small Adelaide Hills school, surrounded by native bush, which looks out across valleys and hills. We boast a unique environment that provides a living world in which the children play, learn and grow. The ‘garden’, a gradual slope shaded by tall pines and eucalypts, is most often where the children play; climbing trees, building cubbies and marble runs, or counting tadpoles in the frog bog. 

     Our school is over 130 years old and we celebrate the relationships we have with past students and the local community and value their support in our reading, gardening construction, and music programs. Living in a time of rapid change and uncertainty, our students inherit a sense of stability and belonging created through meeting and working with our local elders and the history they bring with them.

    It is our community who welcomed and drove the initiative for a Steiner stream recognising compatibility in philosophy and values; service to others, appreciation of difference, care for the natural world, an education that produces strong, and adaptable individuals with the capability to imagine a better world. Through this we foresee the continuation of a strong and healthy community celebrating both the similarities and the differences of the two streams.

    Classes Offered F-2
    Address 16 Cramond Road, Basket Range SA 5138
    Postal Address16 Cramond Road, Basket Range SA 5138
    Phone(08) 8390 3466


  • Trinity Gardens Primary School

    Classes Offered
    Address Trinity Gardens Primary School 160 Portrush Rd, Trinity Gardens SA 5068
    Postal AddressTrinity Gardens Primary School 160 Portrush Rd, Trinity Gardens SA 5068
    Phone08 8431 4170


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  • Tamar Valley Steiner School

    Launceston Opening 2016 offering a combined Kindergarten/Prep class 

    The Tamar Valley Steiner School will also offer a combined Class1/2 in 2017 and expand to a full primary school within a few years. The school will nurture each child as an individual and encourage learning and play in nature. The Northern Tasmania Steiner Association is overseeing the school’s establishment.

    Classes Offered Opening 2016 offering a combined Kindergarten/Prep class
    Address 41 French Street, Launceston TAS 7520
    Postal Address41 French Street, Launceston TAS 7520
    Phone0438 917848


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  • Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Seminar Teacher Training

    Melbourne Teacher Education 

    The Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Seminar provides Professional Development programs for practicing teachers. The Seminar offers targeted, customised Professional Learning to meet individual Steiner School and Teacher needs, and also an annual program of Professional Development Days on themes such as curriculum development, pedagogy, and finding artistic inspiration. These PD days are Australian Professional Standards for Teachers certified.

    The Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Seminar runs Professional Development days for Steiner Teachers throughout the year, which meet the standards of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.” See the full program of Professional Development courses  here.

    Classes Offered Teacher Education
    Address 37a Wellington Park Drive, Warranwood VIC 3134
    Postal Address37a Wellington Park Drive, Warranwood VIC 3134
    Phone(03) 9876 5199
    Fax(03) 9876 7984


  • Mornington Park Primary School

    Mornington K-6 

    Mornington Park Primary School is a small dual stream school with a total current enrolment of 220 students. Our Steiner cohort is attracted from all over the Peninsula with an enrolment of 130 across six classes. From 2017, we will be offering a straight class at each year level. A local Secondary College in Mt Eliza is offering a Steiner stream from 2017.

    Please contact the school for further information on 03 59754011 or email the principal directly at dadds.beverley.j@edumail.vic.gov.au


    Classes Offered K-6
    Address 40 Robertson Drive, Mornington VIC 3931
    Postal Address40 Robertson Drive, Mornington VIC 3931
    Phone(03) 5975 4011


  • The Tobias Society

    Melbourne region Waldorf Farm School - Curative Education 

    The Tobias Society is the umbrella organisation for the Melbourne Waldorf Farm school initiative and other divisions which will evolve from our work. Our initiative is initially working towards starting a farm based curative/ special school in the Melbourne region. In time, our work will also include respite care, holiday programs and parent/ family support.

    Classes Offered Waldorf Farm School - Curative Education
    Address VIC
    Postal AddressGPO Box 3487, Melbourne, VIC 3001
    Phone0413 322 142


  • Thornbury Primary School

    Victoria P- Class 6 

    Thornbury Primary School is a government primary school that offers an optional Steiner stream.  We are committed to Steiner education within the state system but cannot offer a purist Steiner curriculum.  We currently have composite classes across P-6.  We work with AusVELS and the Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework.

    Classes Offered P- Class 6
    Address 16-22 Hutton Street, Thornbury VIC 3071
    Postal Address16-22 Hutton Street, Thornbury VIC 3071
    Phone(03) 9484 3254
    Fax(03) 9480 0718


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  • Forest House Waldorf School

    Hong Kong Class 1 - 4 

    Through the introduction of a Waldorf curriculum to Hong Kong, we aspire to improve education in Hong Kong by providing an alternative to traditional education and curriculum. The School offers an innovative and enlightened approach to education which aims to produce a new generation of competent and intellectual individuals who embody physical, mental and spiritual health and energy.

    Classes Offered Class 1 - 4
    Address Commercial Area, Floral Villas, 18 Tso Wo Road, Sai Kung, Hong Kong
    Country Hong Kong
    Postal AddressCommercial Area, Floral Villas, 18 Tso Wo Road, Sai Kung, Hong Kong
    Phone(852) 2792-6055