Lorien Novalis Steiner School: Class 11 English Extension

We are very pleased to have a dedicated group of Class 11 students who love learning about literature. 
The class meets twice a week early in the morning before usual lessons, and this commitment requires dedication and enthusiasm. The English Extension course engages the students in conversations that extend their thinking about prescribed and independently chosen texts, and literature’s social impact, while making them more alert to the possibilities of language. The pleasure of the text is central to the English Extension course – the pleasure of discovery, of uncovering the layers of meaning of understanding, of revealing the tissue of relationships that texts form with each other. It is about the joy of learning. The class is currently studying The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, focusing on the struggle between aestheticism and morality, Faustian mythology, and social values. 

This course enhances the learning students acquire in Advanced English through further challenging their conceptual and creative thinking, as well as their writing skills and wide reading. It prepares students for tertiary level literature studies and many other tertiary courses that rely heavily on independent research. 

Angela Davies ~ High School English Teacher

Jun 2020