Ballarat Steiner School: Class 3 home learning

It was a beautiful Autumn day during the holidays, when I was working in my garden. Faintly I heard a small but very excited, squeaking type of noise. I tried to work out where the sound was coming from. Maybe it was a bird’s nest I could hear? Very quietly, very slowly, I crept towards the sound; Then I saw it! To my great surprise I could see a little circle of mice standing nose to nose on the mossy ground. They seemed to be having a little meeting. Edging closer, I said in my most gentle voice, “Hello little mice, can I help you with something?” At first they looked alarmed and started to scatter. “You are safe, I will not hurt you,” I told them. They stopped and listened to me.

Well it seemed that they had been lost and ended up far from home. They had no real place to live and were trying to decide where to go and what to do. I knew just what they should do! I told them that I could find them all a lovely place to stay, one at each of the homes of my Class 3 students. They were delighted. They tucked themselves into little envelopes and waited patiently to be collected from school by each family.

Over the week the mice have really settled in and have started having all sorts of adventures. They have new names and some have beds, cubbies and comfy places to sleep. We call them Mrs Camembert, Shivers, Squeak, Squeaks, Squeaky and Squeaker, Tiny, Mousie, Scubbus, Sniffles, Gorgonzola and Masio Mouse.

Apr 2020