Transition (Kindy) Assistant



Job description for Kindergarten Assistant

We require a caring and responsible person to assist and support the Kindergarten teacher in the learning experiences offered such as morning circle, craft and cooking by participating and supporting children as required. This includes to be quietly supportive of children who may have difficulty focusing or need special attention at the teacher’s direction or as needed. And to supervise children with great care during outdoor play time.

Personal attributes:

An ability to be quietly there for the children and the teacher enables a smooth flow of the day.

Being focused and emotionally present allows children to model the same and allows the teacher to be able to concentrate on the tasks she needs to do.

An eye for beauty and reverence for everything we do in our work and play really enhances the atmosphere in the Kindergarten. This is demonstrated by the care we take in our tasks, in how we handle the toys and other materials and in making every occasion as nourishing and uplifting to the senses as possible.

Requirements for this position include: Certificate 3, current first aid certificate and ochre card or be eligible to obtain them.

The closing date for applications is the 15.11.17

Please send your CV and a cover letter to: