Teacher of Primary French

Teacher of Primary French

Appointment Type:        0.4
Reporting to:                 Glenn Hood, Principal
Key Relationships:        Principal, Primary Coordinator,

Position Summary

The Primary French Teacher will be a dynamic educator with a commitment to Steiner Education and its method of teaching.


  • Appropriate teaching qualifications and registration with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT).
  • Recent experience teaching French


  • Recent experience teaching French
  • Sound knowledge of the Australian Steiner Curriculum framework
  • Sound knowledge of Steiner Education and Rudolf Steiner’s theories of child development


1. Plan, implement and bring the curriculum in a creative way across the Primary School and as outlined by the School as per the Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework.
2. Work from an Anthroposophical understanding of child development.
3. Work with and follow the directives given by the Principal.
4. Create an atmosphere that fosters and nourishes learning.
5. Make ongoing evaluations and assessment records of each student in the class
6. Complete student reports twice a year which, comply with federal regulations for reporting. They should note attendance, as well as comment on the development and progress of the student.
7. Be available to attend parent teacher interviews at least once a year or by request and parent information evenings at least twice a year.
8. Develop and use a variety of effective strategies for behaviour management.
9. Undergo a yearly staff appraisal of performance and review.


  1. Deliver French Teaching in the rhythm that is intended.
  2. Work closely with the Class Teachers.
  3. Be at school for the committed hours of employment and be punctual for lessons duties and meetings.
  4. Work with and improve the curriculum
  5. Contribute regularly to the school newsletter and journal.
  6. Attend college of teacher and faculty meetings Pro Rata
  7. Work as part of a team
  8. Work in co-operation with colleagues and the school policies and procedures.
  9. Attend and participate in whole school festivals, open days, and fairs Pro-rata
  10. Attend and participate in curriculum/staff development days and in-service or training courses.
  11. Be available to attend relevant meetings, workshops, and conferences outside school hours.
  12. Follow up and be familiar with all school policies.
  13. Maintain a professional standard of confidentiality.
  14. Provide advice and guidance to parents and students to support them in their learning journey at Mansfield Steiner School.