Tallowood Steiner School is seeking applications from an energetic and highly adaptable person who can work into the lead role of Principal at the school. The key characteristics required to successfully navigate this position are:

  • enthusiasm and confidence in leading a school with multi – stage classes
  • creativity, adaptability and flexibility as key competencies
  • commitment to learning and developing Steiner education outside of the traditional context
  • Ability to manage the complexities of Leadership in a small school/community setting with resilience and firmness of purpose

Tallowood is an established, small, rural Steiner school with a current population of around 45 students, with three class composites. Tallowood is a unique Steiner school in several key ways, operating outside of the usual demographic and socio-economic context of traditional Steiner Schools. Tallowood has a specific and unique Mission Statement, Aims and Objectives and a Steiner Curriculum, all of which are tailored to the school context and have evolved from this context.

The Principal at Tallowood leads teaching and learning, and is responsible for the day to day management of the school, the staff and the implementation and monitoring of all Policies and Procedures and practices. School operations are soundly and transparently formed and structured, with clear Policies and Procedures, across all areas of school operation. Clearly articulated and precise Student Welfare Policies and Practices, including a whole school approach to Discipline management procedures and practices, are key characteristics of the school’s approach.

The successful applicant will have a level of adaptability and flexibility that will enable them to navigate the challenges and changes inherent in running a small school, maintaining a high standard of excellence across all areas of operation. Key criteria include the commitment to joining the Tallowood staff for a long- term tenure and to leading the school into the future. Essential qualifications are:

  • Teacher registration with NESA
  • Teaching experience across the Primary grades
  • WWCC clearance number
  • Mandatory Reporting training
  • First Aide Certificate
  • Leadership experience is highly desirable
  • Familiarity with Steiner methodology desirable

Immediate applications are welcome. Starting date is negotiable, with a period of training required. Applications will briefly address the following Selection Criteria:

  • Knowledge of Educational Legislative and Compliance responsibilities of School Leaders in NSW and the commitment to learning this in the Tallowood context.
  • Develop (with support) the necessary IT/Technology skills to manage the running of the school across all Compliance areas. These include the capacity to use, oversee and manage the school Curriculum and documentation of KLA’s across all Units of Work, all areas of Policy and Procedure and all legislated reporting areas.
  • Prior educational teaching experience
  • Prior educational Leadership experience
  • Understanding of Steiner methodology
  • Personal philosophy/practice of Student Welfare and Discipline
  • Personal aptitude in multi-stage teaching
  • Leadership philosophy; managing staff, parents and students in the challenging context of a small school.
  • A short statement of why a small, multi-stage school appeals to you

Please send your full resume, along with three referees, including your current or most recent employer, addressing the above selection criteria to the Tallowood Board Chairperson:

Jocelyn Edge, 

Applications close on 10 December, 2018.