Nature Kindergarten Teacher, Little Sophia Rudolf Steiner Kindergarten

Little sophia rudolf steiner kindergarten

Nature Kindergarten Teacher


Little Sophia is a not-for-profit, inner-city Steiner long day kindergarten. We currently offer playgroup and two Steiner Association approved kindergarten programs within a long daycare setting. Little Sophia has two rooms, Dragonfly and Kingfisher, catering for 19 and 20 children respectively each per day.

Our new Nature Kindergarten Program will be offered two days a week on a Monday and a Friday afternoon and will include a Steiner Kindergarten program within an outdoor setting. The program will take place both in the surrounding bushland and in our garden at Little Sophia Kindergarten.

Primary role: The Nature- Kindergarten Teacher

The teacher works 18 hours per week – 11.5 hours with the children and 6.5 hours of planning and management duties. The teacher will work on Mondays and on Friday afternoons with the children. The teacher will be onsite Friday mornings for management meetings. The newly developed program will run for 48 weeks of the year. When the Nature Kinder teacher is on school holidays as per the award, the program will be led by assistants in between terms and follows the rhythm of the term.

Development and implementation of the new Program

The Nature Kindergarten Program will be developed by the Nature Kindergarten Teacher out of their knowledge of Steiner Early childhood pedagogy and special interest in Nature-based Programs. Whilst the direction and aim for the program is established, the successful applicant will take responsibility to generate a program meeting these objectives. The design of the framework will require leadership qualities and strong communication skills to work cooperatively with assistants to form a team and develop the content of the new program.

Staffing structure across the kindergarten

Little Sophia is committed as an organisation to working without unnecessary hierarchical structures in an anthroposophical framework.


Full description of the role is available on our website Please send your application in writing to before 3 pm Friday the 29th of October. Any questions please to