Middle School and High School Teachers

Samford Valley Steiner School – Seeking Expressions of Interest for Inspiring Middle School and High School Teachers to Join Our Talented Faculty.

Samford Valley Steiner School welcomes expressions of interest from enthusiastic teachers for the upcoming positions, commencing in January 2024. Join us in providing a unique and comprehensive education that nurtures the growth of young individuals. We offer the possibility full time or some part-time roles, tailored to your expertise and availability, in the following specialist subjects:

General Sciences: Conduct main lessons that are creative and inspiring for students in Classes 7-10. Facilitate phenomenological based learning to inspire curiosity and understanding of the world of nature and matter.

High School Humanities and English Teacher: Engage students in vibrant discussions about history, literature, and the world around us. Foster critical thinking and communication skills while exploring the richness of human experience through literature, culture, and social studies.

Biodynamic Gardening and Bee Keeping Teacher: Cultivate a love for nature and sustainability through hands-on experiences in our biodynamic gardens and apiary. Teach students the importance of responsible land stewardship and the interconnectedness of all living beings.

Manual Arts Teacher (Forging and Woodwork): Ignite creativity and craftsmanship in students as you guide them through the art of forging and woodworking and metalworking. Help students develop practical skills while nurturing a deep appreciation for the beauty of handcrafted objects.

At Samford Valley Steiner School, our commitment to the Steiner-Waldorf philosophy sets us apart. We are seeking educators who:

  • Collaborate Enthusiastically: Work with colleagues to create interdisciplinary learning experiences that enrich students’ understanding of various subjects.
  • Nurture Individual Growth: Tailor your teaching to meet students’ diverse learning styles and needs, recognising their unique potential.
  • Embrace Holistic Education: Understand the interconnectedness of subjects and their contribution to fostering creativity, critical thinking, and a love for learning in the developing human being.

Samford Valley Steiner School is committed to diversity and equal opportunity. We welcome applications from candidates of all backgrounds.

Samford Valley Steiner School is committed to child protection and safety. All candidates will be subject to a teacher registration check, referee checks, identification verification and the requirement to disclose any information relevant to the candidates’ eligibility to engage in activities with children.

Why Choose Samford Valley Steiner School?

  • Inspiring Setting: Experience the joy of teaching in a picturesque natural environment that complements our curriculum.
  • Professional Development: Benefit from ongoing training in the Steiner-Waldorf philosophy and teaching methods.
  • Community: Join a community of dedicated educators, collectively shaping the future of education.
  • Flexibility: We understand your commitments and offer full time or part-time roles tailored to your expertise and availability.

Join us in crafting an enriched future for our students, commencing in January 2024.

  • Training and experience in a Steiner School will be highly regarded.
  • It is essential that applicants have current QCT Teacher Registration or the ability to attain it.

Whether you’re looking to teach one or more of the specialist subjects, we encourage you to apply.

To express your interest, please submit your resume and a cover letter outlining your teaching philosophy and how you would contribute to our unique approach.

Please send your expression of interest and CV to workwithus@samfordsteiner.qld.edu.au

For more information about Samford Valley Steiner School visit https://www.samfordsteiner.qld.edu.au/