Handcraft Specialist Teacher 2022

Handcraft Specialist TEACHER 2022

This position is a part time position (0.68) commencing 31st January, 2022.

About Cairns Hinterland Steiner School

‘’At Cairns Hinterland Steiner School we are committed to promoting the safety, health and wellbeing of children and young people and expect all school staff, parents, students, volunteers and visitors to the school to share that commitment”

We are an independent school situated in Kuranda and offer education from Kindergarten to Class 11 and delivering Class 12 by 2023.  We are co-educational and non-denominational school offering the nationally accredited Steiner curriculum based on the educational insights of Rudolf Steiner.

We aim to support each individual child, with an understanding of their stage in childhood development and with this understanding, we encourage each child’s unique gifts and emerging potentials to unfold in a nurturing, imaginative and guided environment.  We aim to create a place where goodness, beauty and truth permeate the pedagogical, physical, and social fabric.

The position

Cairns Hinterland Steiner School is seeking a Handcraft Specialist Teacher to implement the curriculum as outlined by the School in accordance with the Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework from Class one upwards. In doing so, the Handcraft Specialist teacher is expected to work in close cooperation with class teachers and guardians as part of the College of Teachers and under guidance from the school’s values, policies and procedures.

The aim of the Handcraft program is to immerse students in approaching subjects through the realm of handcrafts, imagination and sustainable practices, seeking to find fresh connections with his/her subject matter.

The Handcraft Specialist Teacher has overall responsibility for planning, delivery and assessment of the Handcraft Program for each year level across the whole school.

This is an exciting opportunity for a teacher who is looking to specialise and work across our small School using the integrated approach and curriculum of Steiner education.

The role requirements are:

  • Fully registered Teacher (Queensland)
  • Teach with an anthroposophical approach to each child’s developmental needs and welfare in mind
  • Be committed to ongoing individual and collaborative professional development, including Steiner Education
  • Demonstrate high level written and verbal communication skills
  • Be responsible for maintaining positive relationships, with colleagues, parents/carers and participate actively in the life of the school community
  • Previous experience in delivering a Steiner Handcraft programme essential
  • Exemplary skills in a wide range of handwork and craft disciplines

To apply, email your application to hradmin@chss.qld.edu.au which is to include a covering letter that addresses the Selection Criteria and your resume and relevant documentation (qualifications, registration, referees, etc).

To request an application package please email hradmin@chss.qld.edu.au

Applications close: 5:00pm Monday 17th January 2022.

Please note, applicants who fail to address the selection criteria will not be considered for the role.

Selection Criteria

  1. An understanding of the principles of Steiner Education and a demonstrated love for children and teaching
  2. An understanding of child development as described by Rudolf Steiner and a commitment to professional learning and inner development through anthroposophical studies and artistic activities
  3. An ability to develop positive and professional relationships with students, parents and colleagues
  4. Handwork and Craft teaching experience in a Steiner Primary and High School and a demonstrated understanding of the Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework: Design Technology
  5. Exemplary skills in a wide range of handwork and craft disciplines
  6. An ability to work collegially and a willingness to actively participate in and contribute to the cultural and festival life of the school
  7. Excellent organisational, communication and interpersonal skills
  8. A demonstrated willingness to embrace the Vision, Mission, Values of CHSS