Education Co-Ordinator K-12

Education Co-Ordinator

K – 12

Lorien Novalis Steiner School is situated in the Hills District of Sydney, about 45 minutes to the northwest of the city, nestled in lush bushlands and landscaped gardens. The school has been offering a rich and creative Steiner curriculum for over 50 years and has built a strong reputation for the diverse and engaging education that it provides.

Lorien Novalis is seeking expressions of interest from experienced Steiner teachers who have exceptional communication and organisational skills, a living understanding of the determining dynamics of Steiner Learning, an artistic ability to integrate and synthesise, develop new skills and to become meaningfully involved in the school community, with a commitment to see it flourish and thrive. The position commences in mid-January, 2023.

The position requires an experienced educator with a deep understanding of the human developmental processes from Early Childhood, Primary School through to High School and their educational implementation. A working knowledge is also required of the NESA compliance  requirements of registered schools in NSW.

This position is a high leadership role in the school.

The successful applicant would be working collaboratively with a leadership team of experienced educators to ensure the delivery of learning practices responsive and relevant to the educational needs of the 21st Century.

Expressions of interest should include a concise CV, and address the following selection criteria:

(1)    Experienced Rudolf Steiner school teacher, with a dedication to self-development and to anthroposophical study

(2)    Exceptional organisational and communication skills, with the ability to function in a variety of situations, requiring initiative and creatively responsive to challenges as they present themselves

(3)    Working experience of mentoring staff, facilitating timetabling, staff training and management of meetings; and

(4)    Working experience in meeting the requirements of NESA (or similar).

Closing date for Applicants:   December 5th 2022

Expressions of interest can be addressed to: Dr Konrad Korobacz (Principal)

On request, we will forward you receive a detailed job description outlining responsibilities and duties, required qualifications and skills and the cultural context of working at Lorien Novalis School.