Class Teacher 2024

Class Teacher 2024

Class teacher; Full time – One Year Contract.  Beginning Term one 2024


The class teacher’s primary responsibility is to deliver the national Steiner curriculum as outlined by the school.  In doing this the Class Teacher is expected to join and work in cooperation with their fellow teachers, the College of Teachers and the school’s policies and procedures.  The teacher aims to be a figure of moral authority based on commitment, care for the children and a willingness to develop a close professional relationship with their peers.


  • An appropriate qualification in primary teaching
  • Current VIT registration
  • Qualifications or training in Steiner teaching and a willingness to undertake continual professional development


The position is accountable to the College of Teachers. All class teachers become a member of the College of Teachers after their initial year, and work with the College to ensure coherency and continuity in curriculum and impulse.


Skills, Knowledge & Experience

  • Interpersonal and communication skills of a high standard
  • Positive attitude towards children and a love of teaching
  • Experience teaching Primary aged children
  • Demonstrable understanding of relevant policy and or legislation pertaining to education in Victoria i.e. Student Welfare, Child protection, Bullying, anti-discrimination, etc.
  • Demonstrated evidence of openness to lifelong learning and a readiness to engage in ongoing professional development
  • A willingness and ability to adopt Anthroposophical principals in the curriculum
  • Commitment to further personal development through Anthroposophical study and artistic activity
  • Experience working as a team member and willingness to participate fully in a collegial workplace
  • Demonstrated theoretical and practical experience in the development of school-based programs
  • A clear understanding of childhood development and an ability to relate to children
  • A commitment to supporting and promoting the culture of Ballarat Steiner School.

Key Selection Criteria

  • Exemplary interpersonal communication skills
  • Outstanding rapport with children
  • Ability to form positive and professional relationships with the parent body
  • Effective time management skills to cope with the workload of a class teacher and demands of the school
  • Commitment to deepening an understanding and practice of Anthroposophy
  • Teacher training in Steiner Education
  • Ability to maintain professionalism in a school community
  • VIT registration
  • We are committed to child safety, and you will perform background checks
  • We are committed to an inclusive environment where people feel comfortable to be themselves. We want our people to feel that all voices are heard, all cultures respected and that a variety of perspectives are not only welcome – they are essential to our success. We treat each other fairly and with dignity regardless of race, gender, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, age, sexual orientation or anything else that makes us different.


The responsibilities of the class teacher include but are not limited to the following:

  • To work out of an Anthroposophical understanding of child development
  • To recognise and respect the individuality of each child in the class – both their gifts and their challenges
  • To teach out of a love for the children
  • To widely research the subjects and epochs brought to the children
  • To create and maintain a sound learning environment in the classroom
  • To be prepared for all lessons
  • To use a variety of strategies to engage all the children in class in the lessons taught
  • To develop and use a variety of strategies for behaviour management in the classroom
  • To keep on-going assessment records of each child in the class
  • To communicate with and support the specialist teachers of your class
  • To be at school for their committed hours of employment, and be punctual for lessons, duties, and meetings.
  • Interviews, extra meetings, parent-teacher evenings, home visits, excursions, camps and performances may all require the teacher to be at school outside the normal day.
  • All staff members are required to attend curriculum and professional development days as scheduled throughout the year.
  • Teachers will perform playground duties or other duties as part of the duty-of-care responsibilities.
  • Each teacher will prepare a program of the lessons they intend to teach at the beginning of each year, briefly outlining the main lessons and practice lessons for the year.
  • Records of student attendance, parent-teacher interviews, lesson plans, incidents and results of any assessment tasks done by the children are to be kept.
  • Student reports are completed at twice a year that comply with federal regulations for reporting and with attendance noted, as well as a comment on the development and progress of the child.  These reports and copies of any specialist reports or other official information relating to the child will be kept in his/her file.
  • The curriculum approved and set out by the school is to be followed
  • Parent Teacher interviews are held two times each year.
  • The teacher is required to make him/herself available for meetings with parents as necessary.
  • Class meetings are held once per term.
  • Fortnightly contributions to the school newsletter and class letters to inform parents of coming events, activities, curriculum, excursions etc. should be sent to parents on a regular basis.
  • Teachers are required to work with specialist teachers in program development and class management strategies for the class.
  • Teachers may be asked to sit on interview committees, take part in curriculum writing, undertake specified professional development, represent the school officially, and hold an educational mandate and other administrative duties as required by the College of Teachers. 
  • Teachers are expected to have a positive and professional working relationship with their colleagues.
  • Registration requirements demand that teachers regularly take part in professional development.  The scope and frequency of activities will be negotiated.
  • To attend weekly School Faculty and College meetings
  • To follow the procedures and policies of the school
  • Participate in regular appraisals/reviews of their teaching.

Please send applications in writing or via email, including a cover page (one page), a statement outlining what you feel you would bring to this role, your potential to succeed in the role, what you would expect to accomplish and reflections on your experience in the context of the above criteria (maximum two pages) and your curriculum vitae and the names and contact details of two professional referees (maximum three pages) before 5:00pm Friday the 24th of November 2023, to: