Class One Teacher 2023

  • School Birali Steiner School
  • Closing Date Oct 14 2022

Class One Teacher 2023

Commencing January, 2023

Birali Steiner School is a developing, innovative and vibrant Steiner School, in Beachmere just north of Brisbane on Moreton Bay. It presently operates with a Principal, a Teaching and Learning Coordinator, Class Teachers, Teacher  Aides, an Individual Enrichment Team, Business Manager, Administration Team and Maintenance staff with approximately 110 students (approx. 130 in 2023). The school is accredited P-10 and currently offers Prep, Classes 1, 2/3, 4/5, 6/7, and 8/9. In November, 2018 the school moved to its permanent, 26-acre, greenfield site with the long-term vision for a P-12 school.

Birali Steiner School has a strong collaborative approach where staff work collaboratively and professionally together for the benefit of the students and the school as a whole. Further information about Birali Steiner School can be found in the Parent Handbook published on our website – Policies, Documents & Reports – Birali Steiner School.

All staff employed by Birali Steiner School are expected to support our Steiner Education philosophy.

The Class Teacher will:

  • be guided by the pedagogical vision developed by the Birali Steiner School and working with the guidelines of the National Curriculum and the Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework
  • creatively plan, implement and monitor a quality education program for all children, grounded solidly in the philosophy and principles of Steiner Education
  • develop and enhance a consistent curriculum framed within Steiner Education Association (SEA) Curriculum aligned with ACARA and which is delivered with creative freedom, approaching subjects through the realm of art, music, imagination and the oral tradition; and seeking to find fresh connections with his/her subject matter
  • strive to understand and work with the ethos of Birali Steiner School
  • demonstrate willingness to seek assistance/guidance from colleagues
  • collaboratively engage with his/her peers across the School, for the benefit of the school as a whole
  • be accountable for teaching and pastoral care of their students, working with the other teachers and with conscious awareness of the needs of the children and the role of the parents and guardians in their child’s education
  • demonstrate a strong commitment to and understanding of duty of care, participate actively in the life of the School Community, and demonstrate commitment to ongoing individual and collaborative professional development

The role of Class Teacher will engage with teaching of subject areas such as Craft, Recorder and Gardening. These subject areas may be taught by Specialist Teachers at a later developmental stage of the school. Currently, Specialist Teachers provide Individual Enrichment support, Music, Instrumental Music and LOTE – Japanese Lessons.

Selection Criteria:

  • Ability to creatively plan, implement and monitor a quality education program for a diverse cohort of learners in a professional, accountable and timely manner
  • Demonstrated ability of willingness to work collaboratively and cooperatively with colleagues across the school
  • Demonstrated capacity to duty of care and commitment to life of the school
  • Demonstrated commitment to the curriculum, the arts, numeracy, literacy and student engagement

Requirements of the role:

  • Current registration with the Queensland College of Teachers (QCOT)
  • An understanding of the principles of Rudolf Steiner education and anthroposophy and a love for children, an enthusiasm for teaching and realistic expectations of children, self, peers and parents and a willingness to deepen this understanding through ongoing professional learning
  • Minimum 1 year full time classroom teaching experience, preferably in a Steiner School Educational setting
  • A willingness to teach the additional subject areas of Craft, Recorder and Gardening
  • A willingness to work closely with each child’s parents/guardians
  • Excellent organisational and interpersonal skills to ensure delivery of quality education through enhanced relationships with the Birali Steiner School community
  • Commitment to the Class Teacher period (Class 1 to 8)

Applications must address the above selection criteria and requirements.

Birali Steiner School employs under the conditions in the MA000077: Educational Services (Teachers) Award 2020. Birali Steiner School pays above award rates.

Applications and queries can be emailed to

Applications close 14th October 2022