The Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework is recognised nationally by ACARA. Steiner education is based on a creative, imaginative and experiential methodology with specific age-related curriculum content themes and scope and sequences of skills.

Non-SEA Member Schools/Institutions may apply for

Access to the full curriculum K-10 for $1200 + GST per year.

Individual Home Schoolers may apply for:

Access to the ASCF curriculum, *basic phone support, mentor list, membership of a closed Facebook group for an annual subscription of $200 per calendar year for each year or stage’s package.

The curriculum is packaged by year for K-6 or by high school stage 7/8 or 9/10. The cost is $200 + GST a year for each year’s or stage’s package.

*Basic phone support (Wednesday and Friday) is to navigate the curriculum documents (which include topics, achievement standards, child development profiles and scope and sequences. The ASCF package does not contain lesson plans). Basic phone support includes up to 5 short phone calls or two months phone access whichever is reached first.

This 2019 version of the curriculum now uploaded has been updated with the amendments approved last year by ACARA and the relevant changes to scope and sequences.

Only registered home schoolers may apply for a subscription to the ASCF.

Steiner education values the social context of education and recommends that where possible families enrol their children in a school but recognises that in some circumstances this is not possible.


SEA maintains a database of mentors with Steiner teaching experience. This is a private choice of the family and SEA is not involved in any further arrangements. All financial agreements are a private matter between the mentor and the family.

Registration Requirements

SEA has been contacted by many home schooling families who have chosen to use the ASCF nationally recognised curriculum K-10.

Requirements vary for each state and may involve e.g. in NSW further state curriculum content alignments. Support in meeting state requirements is obtained from the relevant state education offices.

More Information about the ASCF

Please click on the link below for more information about the ASCF structure and content:


NOTE: The ASCF is copyright to SEA and may be downloaded by subscribers only for their personal use and is not to be shared further.

Please contact SEA on 02 9411 2579 or via email for further information.


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