The 2017 Governance, Leadership and Management Conference will be held at Willunga Waldorf School, 1 Jay Drive, Willunga, South Australia, Friday 12 and Saturday 13 May, 2017.  Registration will open at 8.30am on Friday 12 May, with the conference commencing at 9am.  

The GLaM Conference will once again be preceded by the Educational Leaders’ Forum and the SEA Business Managers’ Meeting, Thursday 11 May, 2017.  Registration for both the Education Leaders’ Forum and the SEA Business Managers’ Meeting will open at 1.30pm on Thursday 11 May, with the meetings commencing at 2pm.

To book your place at any of the above events, please click on the REGISTER HERE button below.



Willunga Waldorf School is situated within a kilometre of the historic Willunga Township, approximately 40 kilometres south of Adelaide.