Understanding the Christmas Mysteries and preparing for the Christmas festival. Peace on earth to people of good will

Understanding the Christmas Mysteries and Preparing for the Christmas Festival. Peace on Earth to People of Good Will

A four-part Inner Work Path event with Lisa Romero, sponsored by EduCareDo
November 28, December 5, 12 19 @  8am (AEDT)
Through humanity’s evolving we are called to change our relationship to the initiation mysteries so that they reflect the needs of the age and help lead the way forward in the direction of the spirit. This Christmas the necessary theme of good will is central. The more we recognise the ill will in the world, the more our becoming people of good will becomes essential to grasp.
We may be able to achieve ‘spiritual experiences’ through various methods but the higher ‘I’ awakens through our good will and moral capacity. Christmas is in initiation language the externalised image of the birth of the higher ‘I’. It is a time to be grateful to the many individuals that have awoken this potential that lives in us all, and to come closer to the being of Love that bestowed this possibility upon humanity.
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