The Art of Well-Being – Taruna College, NZ

The Art of Well-Being: meet yourself, know yourself, be yourself

Come and renew your well-spring for life, refresh your soul and re- connect to what is important for you right now. The Art of Well-Being recognises that to be our best, to be fully available to the people and relationships that matter to us, to achieve what we set out to do, and to deepen connection to the things that are important, means finding time to nourish ourselves. Whether it is personal or professional development, our intention at Taruna is to offer you learning opportunities that will refresh and deepen your understanding of what matters in your life and work.

The Art of Well-Being invites you to take three weeks from your coming year to find a new connection to your own well-being. This programme is gentle yet enquiring, focusing on three themes that renew our well-being:

Art – recognising it as the language of the soul as we progressively work with colour, form, line, movement and language to deepen our ways of connecting and expressing our rich world within.

Life-story work – discovering the meaning and potential in our biographies, as we explore our own life stories and the rich tapestries that each of our lives have woven.

Contemporary, holistic thinking – which provides windows to help you view the world in fresh ways about what it is to be truly human. In particular we draw on contemporary applications of the work and understandings of Anthroposophy inspired by Rudolf Steiner.

If you are exploring ways to be all you can be, and also want to help others in your work and life who need your insight and support, join us for this special learning journey.

The Art of Well-Being dates for 2020:
Seminar One: Wednesday 6 May – Monday 11 May
Seminar Two: Wed 5 August – Monday 10 August
Seminar Three: Wed 28 October – Monday 2 November

The Art of Well-Being is designed for:

  • busy professionals who want to re-connect with their own inner source of well-ness and creativity, as a basis for professional renewal and nourishment
  • professional care-givers in any health field needing fresh tools and approaches to revitalise their work
  • busy parents who want to develop their ability to be centered and insightful in their parenting
  • those who recognise the dimension of spirit in their own life – in whatever shape that takes – and who seek to honour that aspect of themselves.

Earlybird price for each seminar: $900.

For more information please contact Taruna College