Steiner High School Teacher Intensive

Steiner High School Teacher Intensive

January 17 – 21 2022

Caring for the Adolescent – Every Day in the Now

After the forced hiatus in 2021, we are happy to announce the 2022 on-campus Intensive for High School Teachers.

Our key note talks will address the specific qualities and needs of the various age groups from Class 8 to Class 12 students in the current time. We all understand that teenagers tend to live in the present and we ask the questions: How can we understand the curriculum as an opportunity to bring new commanding experiences each day to develop the capacity of judgement? What are the real and meaningful encounters that speak to the inner life of adolescents? Which skills and capacities are really important?  And – most importantly: What is the role and responsibility of the teacher in all this?

The key note speakers of each day will focus on the being of the adolescents from Class 8 to 12 and their respective stage of development, referring to emblematic Main Lessons for the particular year levels.

We will be joined each morning as follows:

  • Monday, Class 8 with Wolfgang Maschek: Literature, Epochs and Science.
  • Tuesday, Class 9 with Ken Killeen: Art
  • Wednesday, Class 10 with Jane Sanderson: Literature.
  • Thursday, Class 11 with Judy Martin: Parsifal
  • Friday, Class 12 with Dani Fischer: History of Architecture.

Other regular offers on the program

  • Choral singing
  • Movement – Eurhythmy, Bothmer Gymnastics
  • Subject work groups
  • General studies and art workshops

The program with online enrolment will be available on our web page imminently: go to

We are looking forward to seeing you here with us for this live event, once again or for the first time.

Information: Wolfgang Maschek for the Coordinating Group, 9876 5199