Professional Training Course in the Performing Arts

THE SPIRIT OF THE WORD SCHOOL is a tertiary Professional Training Course in the Performing Arts, for acting, poetry speaking and storytelling, based on the work of Rudolf Steiner and the origins of drama in the Mystery Schools, particularly of ancient Greece, which guided people on an inner path of spiritual development. Through this work, a new way of using our voice and breath and the sounds of language can be discovered, for a powerful narrative, effective dramatic and sensitive lyrical style of speaking and acting.

This School for Creative Speech and the Art of Drama also offers the opportunity for Professional Development for actors, teachers, storytellers and others who use speech as a tool in their profession. A Certificate of Attendance is provided.

A third aspect of the Spirit of the Word School is Personal Development, using the transformative power of speech to realise our creative potential. Through working with the ‘Creative Word’, we can develop from ‘who we are now’ to ‘who we can become’.

There are different formats of courses offered, depending on which aspect of the course we are following.

THE 5-DAY INTRODUCTORY COURSE is intended as a General Introduction, giving insight into the various aspects of the course; showing the way of approach, which involves Body Soul and Spirit in a holistic form of expression of our humanity.

The four elements in nature, which also form our four ‘humours’ or temperaments of character, and which can be traced in the consonants of language, will be explored in various artistic forms and through movement.

The course will start at 5 pm on Friday, 20th January with registration and the Opening, including a shared dinner, which will be provided. Course ending will be lunch time 25th January.

Each day will go from 8.30 am until 5 pm, with a generous lunch break for recreation and processing. Please keep the evenings open for possible events to be decided, and perhaps arising spontaneously.

Please wear loose clothing and bring a notebook for journaling, your drinking water for the day and some lunch to share if you wish. Morning and afternoon tea will be provided.

THE TUTORS ON THE COURSE have had many years of experience teaching, performing and directing internationally. Tutors will also include Michael Chekhov’s theatre Techniques and will be taking you on an ‘Alchemical Journey’ of Imagination, Inspiration and
Intuition with the Four Elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

Optional recommended reading: Creative Speech – R. Steiner Speech and Drama – R. Steiner
To the Actor – Michael Chekhov The Art of Acting – Dawn Langman

Workshop Fee: $450.00 Early bird Registration: By 31 December $420.00
For further information on courses offered, background and content of the training, see:

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