NSW/ACT Governance, Leadership and Management Conference

  • Date May 1 2021
  • Venue Newcastle Waldorf School, Glendale NSW

NSW/ACT Governance, Leadership and Management Conference

Saturday 1st May, 2021

Newcastle Waldorf School
30-36 Reservoir Road, Glendale NSW

Keynote Speaker:

Professor Michael Anderson, The University of Sydney

How can Steiner school leaders and educators apply research informed 4C practices to enrich and deepen the Steiner education experience?

Creating and leading for coherence in an incoherent world: how the 4Cs unify and deepen learning

Creativity is at the heart of Steiner education. Now more than ever before, changes in society have resulted in an increased need within all schools to focus on developing transferable skills: creativity collaboration, critical reflection, and communication (the 4Cs). This interactive presentation will draw on our work with more than 50 partnership schools to generate active, agentic, and deep learning that brings coherence, clarity, and innovation to curriculum, pedagogy, and leadership in educational settings. How can Steiner school leaders and educators apply research-informed practices on the 4Cs to enrich and deepen the Steiner education experience?  Drawing on our recent book Transforming Education I will discuss how we can re-imagine the deep structures of schooling, within diverse contexts and philosophical traditions, to make transformation a reality. 

Workshop: Teaching Creativity

Even before the pandemic, there was much discussion in schools, schooling systems nationally and internationally about creativity and how we might teach and assess it. This Interactive session will explore how creativity can be understood as a deep learning process. Using the Creativity Cascade Coherence Maker featured in Transforming Schools we will discuss how Creativity can be understood by students and teachers and integrated into classroom practice in diverse contexts and traditions. The session will provide opportunities to practically explore creativity through coherent pedagogical frameworks that drive deep learning.


Leading for inclusion and reconciliation

The Armidale Waldorf School and Newcastle Waldorf School will be presenting their paths to reconciliation and inclusion to promote discussion and questions. Armidale principal Zana Clarke and Cultural Advisor Sharon Cutmore will share challenges and opportunities when leading for reconciliation and inclusion, including the establishment of an Aboriginal traineeship program in early childhood, creation of a cultural advisor position, and strategies to increase enrolment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at the school.

Newcastle Waldorf School’s First Nations Cultural Consultant and indigenous horticultural specialist Jarn Hodgson will share his knowledge of culture and indigenous plant use and will take us on a guided tour of the Newcastle Waldorf School indigenous gardens.


Andrew Hill
The Source: How Can Steiner School Boards work with Anthroposophy?

 ” … Anthroposophy should not be considered a theory or mere science, nor as knowledge in the ordinary sense. It is rather something that grows in our souls from mere knowledge and theory into immediate life, into an elixir of life. In this way, Anthroposophy not only provides us with knowledge, but we receive forces that help us in our ordinary lives… (Rudolf Steiner, Vienna, February 08, 1912).

That’s a big statement Dr Steiner! And how is it relevant to schools in the 21st century? The school movement grew out of Anthroposophy, and schools can draw nourishment from its source. While teachers might need to “drink” from the source, Boards should also take a sip from time to time to help maintain their core role as the governing bodies of Steiner organisations.

This workshop will explore:

  • What anthroposophy is, and is not;
  • How anthroposphy is the source of the school movement;
  • How Boards can work with anthroposophy in a meaningful way.

The aim of the workshop is understanding: “…The more we experience anthroposophy bringing us strength, support, and life-renewing energies, the more do we understand it.”

Andrew Hill has been a teacher and teacher trainer for many years. He has been Collegiate Chair and Head of School at Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School since 2010 and has worked closely with the school’s Board on all areas of school governance including risk management and strategic planning.

Libbi Turner
The ‘C’ ingredients of Collective Leadership 

Mix a cup each of Clarity (of purpose and vision), Consistency (of values), Collaboration (with deep relating / humanity), Commitment to Communicating with Community,  marinate and bake with Colour, Creativity and Competency …. and what have you got? COLLECTIVE LEADERSHIP!
During this session, we will be workshopping the recipe – ingredients and methodology – for Collective Leadership and school cohesion as well as providing an update on the SEA Leadership Program – with a focus on individual transformation and development.
Libbi Turner – SEA Professional Partner, Co Facilitator and Coach in the SEA Leadership Program

Recognising the need to develop leadership and management in Waldorf schools to effectively operate in the contemporary education context, Libbi has been fully engaged in leadership roles for approximately twenty years. Two thirds of that time being at Willunga and Mt Barker Waldorf Schools (SA) and since 2013, Libby has supported the leadership and management of Waldorf schools across the country by stepping into interim Principal roles, when in need. She has a personal allegiance to values-based collaborative leadership in order to build the cohesive school community.

Steve Klipin
Is the Governance Relationship working well for you?

Building a constructive, enduring and positive culture between the Board Chair and School leadership team. We will explore the qualities and values that underpin these key relationships. We will also explore issues that might get in the way of developing healthy relationships which bring a sense of cohesion to a school.

Steve has worked within Steiner Education for close to 20 years as a school leader, business manager, parent, school mentor and SEA professional partner. This work has provided a foundation and an opportunity to contribute to school in a mutually beneficial environment of teaching and learning. As a foundation member of the inaugural GLaM (Governance, Leadership and Management) conference in 2007, Steve believes that professional and ethical leadership is key to our schools thriving. Steve is the Business Manager at The Armidale Waldorf School.

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Registration Cost: $95 + GST per person

This conference is a Covid Safe Event. All participants will need to register in advance to comply with Covid event requirements. 

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