Music Intensive

Music Intensive 10-14 April 2022

This year’s Music Intensive will take place over five days, Sunday, April 10 to Thursday, April 14.

There will be a morning session “ Learning to Listen” for general audience. And an afternoon session “ Creative Music Teaching” for teachers and aspiring teachers. Those doing afternoons will have access to the morning sessions as well.

Mornings 9am to 11am: due to the present circumstances, the morning sessions “Learing to Listen” will be online.

The online course link is:

Afternoons 1pm to 5pm: “Creative Music Teaching” will be held face-to-face in St. Paul’s Hall, Beaconsfield, Fremantle, Western Australia

The afternoon course is still face-to-face in Fremantle, WA. Our border is now open, with restrictions.
The link for the whole program is: