Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Seminar

Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Seminar

For over 50 years, Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Seminar has been training adults in Steiner Education and anthroposophy, providing graduates with an accredited pathway toward teaching credentials and providing existing teachers with specialised knowledge, skills and resources required to teach in Steiner schools. 

We are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 3948 CRICOS 01812M) approved to deliver courses to both local and international students.  We offer full-time and part-time courses, online and on-campus.  Our course offering is below.


Advanced Diploma of Rudolf Steiner Education (Course code 10825NAT, CRICOS course code 107755A)

The Advanced Diploma of Rudolf Steiner Education provides students with strong foundation studies, abundant teaching resources and materials, curriculum studies, teaching and community building skills, with three practical placements in Steiner schools.  The course is accredited by the Australian government and, together with our university partnerships,  provides up to two year’s credit toward a Bachelor of Education.  From 2023, the Advanced Diploma is offered online and on-campus.   Find out more HERE.


Each of our part-time courses are equally relevant to teachers, parents, homeschoolers, and adults seeking professional and personal growth.

For qualified teachers who want to transition to teaching in Steiner schools we offer the following in 2023:

  • Primary Teaching – Years prep to Year 8 – 2 years part-time online, with optional 4-day intensive
  • Early Childhood – one year part-time online, with optional 3-day intensive
  • High School – 2 terms part-time online
  • September on-campus intensives

The completion of these courses will give you a certificate of professional development hours referencing the Australian Teacher Professional Standards.  Each session is live-streamed and recorded.

The part-time courses are once a week for a 7-week term with 4 terms per year.  Each weekly session is two hours from 7.00pm – 9.00pm and is recorded.

Primary Class & Intensive

Taught by highly experienced teachers with extensive anthroposophical training, the course explores human development and how it informs the foundations of the Steiner pedagogy and the Class 1 – 6 Steiner curriculum. 

First term commences on Tuesday 14th February.  For more information click HERE.

Register your interest for the face-to-face Primary Class Intensive to be held on campus on 1-4 September HERE.

Early Childhood & Intensive

A deeper understanding of child development from birth to 7 years equips educators, play group leaders, parents, and other early childhood carers to create nurturing environments, daily and weekly rhythms and age-appropriate activities for children in their vital years.  

First term commences on Tuesday 14th February at 7pm. For more information click HERE

Register your interest for the face-to-face Early Childhood Intensive to be held on campus on 1-3 September HERE

The High School Teacher Class 9 -12 – Caring for the Adolescent

This course is designed specifically for high school teachers moving to teach in Steiner schools, to develop an understanding of how Steiner education meets the emerging individuality of the teenager. The work begins with a vision of the person as a developing being and delves into how a main lesson is crafted to support their unfolding.

First term commences on Tuesday 14th February at 7pm. For more information click HERE.

We have been organising High School Intensives for a few years, please register your interest HERE.

Foundation Course I & II

Our two Foundation Courses are aimed at those with an interest in gaining an understanding of Rudolf Steiner’s teachings.  They are highly relevant to teachers who are new to Steiner schools.  Course I is also taught in our Primary, Early Childhood and High School courses, and Course II is also taught in our Primary course.

First term commences on Tuesday 14th February at 7pm. For more information click HERE.

Outdoor Classroom: Experiential Learning

Educators continually search for meaningful and engaging learning experiences to authentically meet the diverse needs of young people in their care.  Outdoor Classroom: Experiential Learning is a well-developed and practiced pedagogical approach, and this course will support teachers to develop a program for their learning community.

First term commences on Monday 13th February at 7pm. For more information click HERE.

Projective Geometry: the World of Life, and the World of Soul

An area of geometry where Euclidean space leaves off, projective geometry begins with its exploration of counter space and the life forces that can live therein.  Gives high school teachers “a method of training the imaginative faculties of thinking,”

Of particular interest to Year 11 & 12 and Maths and Eurythmy teachers and those who engage in the study of space, thinking and cognition.

Commences on Monday 1st May at 7pm. For more information click HERE.

Clay Modelling for the Home & the Classroom

Rudolf Steiner speaks of the energising and regenerating effect on life forces when we engage in forming and modelling clay.  It works on strengthening our will and is a creative, formative, forgiving and therapeutic material with potential to enrich the curriculum and support the main lessons.

A two-term course commencing Wednesday 3rd May at 7pm.  For more information click HERE.

Harmonising Trauma and Stress Disorders through the Arts

Informed by Steiner’s insights into human development, ‘Harmonising Trauma’ offers insights and tools to address stress and trauma through therapeutic artistic working with clay, form drawing and movement.  It is relevant to parents, teachers, therapists and anyone who wishes to work artistically to address stress and trauma .

This two-term course commences Monday 24 July at 7pm. For more information click HERE.


The Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Seminar has a long and rich history offering teacher training in Rudolf Steiner education, developed over a period of over 50 years.

We are strongly committed to teacher training nationally and can offer Teacher Professional Development for teachers that is anthroposophically based, inspiring, artistic and which deepens the work of individual teachers and the College of Teachers as a whole.

Our Seminar staff combine a vast range of skills, expert knowledge and experience which we can offer to schools as in-school Professional Development by request (e.g. a Curriculum Day), catering for your specific needs.

Please contact for any questions.