January Class Teacher Intensives 2023

  • Date Jan 16 2023 - Jan 20 2023
  • Venue Newcastle Waldorf School and Online

January Class Teacher Intensives 2023

January 16th to 20th

The Pedagogical Section in Australia

Hosted by Newcastle Waldorf School, NSW 

Listening to the Call of the Spirit in our Times
In Service of the Children and our Future


Supporting teachers who are inwardly attuned and awake to the opportunities each day to lead the children and older students towards the future that the world awaits.

Newcastle- with a local airport accessible to all capital cities, with nearby beaches and beautiful Lake Macquarie, 2 hours from Sydney

Simple classroom accommodation on site for limited numbers of teachers

Please contact Peggy Day with enquiries pedagogicalsectionaus@gmail.com

Please click here for brochure: Class Teacher Curriculum Intensives 2023

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday-Christof Wiechert – Child Study- Solving the Riddle of the Child- 3 afternoons on zoom starting at 4pm AEST.

Christof Wiechert is a former leader of the Pedagogical Section at the Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland. He was also a Waldorf class teacher for thirty years in the Netherlands, where he also had his own Steiner education as a child.

His books include The Waldorf School: An Introduction; Solving the Riddle of the Child and Teaching the Joy of Profession.

He has travelled the world in the last few years giving courses and supporting the development of Steiner education, particularly in Asia.

Mid- Morning In-person Lectures 11.15 am AEST

Day 1- Bernadette White – Awakening each child’s heart and voiceThe Foundations for a Creative Writing Curriculum from Cl 1-8 and beyond.

Bernadette White is the Coordinator of the Pedagogical Section in New Zealand, an experienced curative education teacher, class teacher and teacher trainer. Most recently Bernadette finished her Class 7 at Titirangi School in Auckland and is teacher training on-line.

Bernadette has had a lifelong interest in the narrative curriculum, history, oral language and the evolution of consciousness as experienced through the literature of each age.

The transformative power of story and creative writing have been mainstays of her work with her classes over many years.

Day 2- Brian KeatsUnderstanding our Cosmic SkiesBuilding an Integrated Astronomy Curriculum from Class 3 upward. Understanding the Ptolemaic approach.

Brian Keats lives near Maitland, NSW. He lectures widely in Australia and internationally in the US, UK, Canada, Denmark, China and Japan on astronomy, bio-dynamics and the science of the spirit.

He has been compiling and producing the Antopodean Astro Calendar since 1985. He covers the calendar of Milky Way stars, sun, moon and planets as well as biodynamic planting rhythms and long-range weather forecasting.

Day 3Dr Laksmi PrasannaThe Emerging Wonder of the Spirit of Each Child I The Rubicon at 9 and the potential of the development of the etheric forces connected to the heart during the 12th year.

Day 4 -Dr Laksmi Prasanna – The Emerging Wonder of the Spirit of Each Child II Emergence into adolescence in the life of the young person- what is really happening today?

Dr. Lakshmi Prasanna is a paediatrician (neonatologist) with 25 years’ experience. She uses an integrated approach towards child development and treatment. Her approach includes consultation, teacher training workshops for schools, child development workshop for parents, and family meetings. She has worked extensively in India, Nepal, Singapore, Australia and, more recently, the US.
The primary focus of her work has been with Steiner schools in Australia as a school doctor. Dr. Lakshmi was the President of Anthroposophical Medical Society in India. 

Day 5 Panel: Lisa Devine, Laksme Prasanna, Sophia Montefiore, Bernadette White, James Deefolts, Peggy Day  I, Thou and We: How can we find ourselves and each other The human story in all its individual diversity and all that is universally shared. The range of historical literature, contemporary biography and social expression sought in our times. 


In person conference

Early Bird Bookings before 15 November, 2022  $590

Bookings after 16 November, 2022 $650

(incl Morning Tea, Lunch, Aft Tea), 5 lectures, 14 sessions (including live-only sessions on music/eurythmy/speech) PLUS evening star gazing, concert/festival) 

Online conference

Full conference $360

Lectures Only (5 lectures) $100

Child study sessions with Christof Wiechert (3 sessions) $60

Booking – https://www.trybooking.com/CCXQI

Class specific sessions for in person conference include 7 sessions per year group, covering core curriculum subjects english, history, maths, geography and science, drawing/blackboard drawing, learning support and handcrafts.

Please contact Peggy Day with enquiries pedagogicalsectionaus@gmail.com


Class 1 and 3

Andrew Hill B.A. (Hons), Dip. Arts, M. Ed.  

Andrew Hill lectured for many years in the full-time Advanced Diploma of Steiner Education Teacher Training course in Steiner Pedagogy, English and Science. He has lectured internationally. Andrew has taken three class teacher cycles from Classes 1 to 8. With a background in Anthropology and English literature as well as experience in a curative school, Andrew has been involved in many aspects of Steiner school curriculum, teaching and management.

Class 2

To be confirmed

Class 4

James Deefholts

James has taken several class cycles through after completing a 2-year f/t Steiner training. He has worked in delivering weekly teacher training and has also been instrumental in the development of the new Educaredo course for teachers.

Class 5/6

Katherine Arconati

Katherine trained in the USA Bay Area course. She has just completed Class 6 and is a deep pedagogical researcher. She will lead tutorials on Maths, Geometry and Australian History.

Class 5, 6 and 7 Ancient Epochs, History and English

Bernadette White Dip. Cur Ed. B. Ed

Bernadette White trained as a curative teacher in England before working at Inala Curative School in Sydney, taking a class through. She was a class teacher at the Perth Waldorf School and then took a cycle through at Glenaeon School. With a love of both the oral language tradition and history she has tutored in Speech for morning circle, Anthroposophy, Steiner Pedagogy and many aspects of curriculum. She moved to Titirangi School in Auckland and thankfully will contribute to the Class Teacher Intensives from there. She will have just finished teaching her own Class 6.

Science Class 6 and 7

Jeremy Board – On-site Science with Experiments

Jeremy has been a Class Teacher at Mt Barker School in the Adelaide Hills for over 28 years. Science is his specialty and his work for many years with Peter Glasby has been an enriching presence in his career. He has tutored in Teacher Training in India as well as in the Curriculum Intensives for the last 7 years.

Diane Tatum

Diane has been a eurythmist and eurythmy teacher for over 30 years and now works with several schools in 3 states. She is deeply connected to the celebration of festivals of the year. She will work with each class group on teacher movement for morning circle as well as drama and festivals.

Sophia Montefiore

Sophia is well known for her projective geometry and high school philosophy lessons but also for her extraordinary blackboard drawing skills and she will share blackboard drawing in sessions for Classes 1-5.

Barbara Baldwin

Barbara Baldwin is a highly experienced Curative Educator and therapist who has developed and delivered Curative Courses all over the world. She was the director and main lecturer of the course that was held at Warrah School, which included modules on the Twelve Senses, Curative Diagnostics, Spiritual Physiology, Speech and Language Difficulties, Learning Styles and Classroom Difficulties, including ADD, ADHD and the Autism Spectrum. She delivered a Curative Education training in China for the four years and is now based in Adelaide.

Elizabeth Ellean

Elizabeth has taught handwork for 20 years and will coordinate a handwork teachers’ group and overview the curriculum projects for each year as well as practical skills.


Once you have enrolled and paid on-line you will be sent a log in to access the teacher intensives portal on the Pedagogical Section website pedagogicalsectionaus.org    

This contains further detailed information and resources.

Course Content – Each week will involve 20+ hours covering pedagogical background, child development steps for that age, practical morning circle work, story content and practical activities for creating the Main Lessons, working with visual arts, and integration of general academic curriculum. 

Teachers will be able to

  • Review the indications, background reading and Main Lessons.
  • Work with the arts to prepare lesson presentation.
  • Deepen the child development background as linked to curriculum.
  • Share with other teachers at the same Class level in a discussion forum on-line.
  • Prepare background aspects of their program and connect with mentor teachers.

What to bring – please bring notepaper, crayons (Class 1-4); recorder (Class 1-6); coloured pencils (all classes); compass, scissors and ruler (Class 5, 6, 7). For Visual Arts sessions bring drawing and painting paper, paints, water jars, sponges and brushes, pastels as age appropriate to the curriculum.  We will advise what to bring for handcrafts for each year after registration.

Please contact Peggy Day with enquiries pedagogicalsectionaus@gmail.com

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