International English Masters Programme at the Freie Hochschule Stuttgart (Waldorf Teachers College)

A fully accredited Master of Arts Programme for Steiner School class and subject teachers will be offered in English for the first time at the Freie Hochschule in Stuttgart, Germany. The Freie Hochschule Stuttgart/Seminar für Waldorfpädagogik in Stuttgart, Germany is the oldest and largest Steiner teacher-training institute in the world and has been successfully training Waldorf teachers since 1928. In a full-time course of studies, core elements of Anthroposophy, pedagogical anthropology, child and adolescent psychology and subject methodology are combined with an intensive artistic training in music, speech, Eurythmy, painting, drawing and sculpting. In conjunction with practical experience gained in a series of long-term internships (a number of which will take place in the U.K.), this training thus offers extensive possibilities for a teacher’s personal and professional development.

The course is a graduate course and is concluded with a Master’s Thesis. If prerequisites are met, the course can be completed in 18 months. In exceptional cases – which include extensive previous Waldorf training and sufficient teaching experience – it may be possible to complete the course in one year.

We are planning to begin the first course in Feb. 2015 and it will conclude in July, 2016. For those applicants who do not have the full qualifications for the 18 month course, it may be possible to attain these qualifications by starting in September 2014.

Admission Requirements: 
A Bachelor’s Degree or the equivalent in a field related to a school subject.

The course fee for the entire programme is 15,000 Euros. There are possibilities of scholarships depending on need.

For further inquiries please contact Dr. Simon Kuttner at

Course description and FAQ