Harmonising trauma and stress disorders through the arts course

Harmonising trauma and stress disorders through the Arts.

Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Seminar 

For parents, educators and anyone seeking knowledge, skills and strategies.

Bringing together the wisdom of Rudolf’s Steiner’s insights into human development with the profound therapeutic effects of artistic work including clay modelling and form drawing, this PD program offers insights and tools to proactively and positively meet the needs of young people in our care.

Around the world we are witnessing increasing levels of anxiety, a sense of dislocation and challenging behaviours particularly in the children in our care but also in adults, arising from trauma and stress.

This new course  will explore how we can bring responsive and practical strategies through the arts to address stress and trauma. It is relevant to parents, teachers and anyone who is interested in how to meet this in both children and adults in our work and lives.

In this program we will begin with a comprehensive foundation in human development, as the basis for exploring how stress and trauma can lead to a disturbance in the unfolding of the twelve senses with associated ramifications.

Register for the Information Evening on Zoom Monday 31st May at 7.30 pm or via https://bit.ly/33CbGjS

Course dates: every Tuesday evening live streaming online, divided into two sessions. The first is from 7.00-8.00 pm, we then have a short break and begin the second session from 8.15-9.15 pm.

Term 3 (7 weeks): Tuesday 20th July- Tuesday 31st August

Term 4 (7 weeks): Tuesday 5th October – Tuesday 16th November

Please note: in Victoria we have a public holiday on 2nd November but our session will run as normal.

All sessions will be recorded and stored for you to view in the event that you are in a different time zone to Melbourne, or if you cannot attend live streaming for any reason.

This course is given in English.

Cost: $420 per term.

Further course info see the page at our website.  

Information: 03 9876 5199 or 0413 120 345.