Graduate Certificate Steiner Education

  • Date Jan 1 2021 - Dec 31 2021
  • Venue University of the Sunshine Coast

Graduate Certificate Steiner Education at the University of the Sunshine Coast


The Graduate Certificate in Steiner Education is a 1-year four course specialisation program in Steiner/Waldorf Education at the University of the Sunshine Coast. These courses have been designed both for teachers new to Steiner education and experienced teachers who want to deepen their practice and pedagogy via an accredited pathway.

I’m delighted to announce that we have managed to get approval for amended entry requirements for the graduate certificate in Steiner education. From semester one 2021, anyone with a bachelor‘s degree can enroll in the graduate certificate in Steiner education. Previously a bachelors in education was required. Applicants should note that the grad cert is not a teaching qualification but this opens up the field to anyone in Steiner education with a bachelors degree who wishes to pursue further study. We are also delighted to announce that there are several Commonwealth supported places this year which means that a limited number of spaces in this program at significantly reduced costs are available. For more information contact me! Shelley Davidow senior lecturer, coordinator of the Graduate Certificate in Steiner Education

The Graduate Certificate in Steiner Education is a post-graduate program. It does not qualify graduates for teacher registration, but provides innovative knowledge in education to advance a career in Steiner early childhood, primary and secondary education. The Certificate is endorsed by Steiner Education Australia and is regularly reviewed and renewed in consultation with the USC/SEA Advisory Committee. It is also reviewed in accordance with the USC School of Education’s accreditation process along with all other post-graduate programmes in Education.

Course coordinators are Steiner Educators Dr Shelley Davidow and Dr Bronwen Haralambous. Click on the link below for a short introduction by Dr Shelley Davidow:

Course list

The Graduate Certificate in Steiner Education is comprised of the following four courses, which run over two semesters:

  • EDU781 Contemporary Issues in Steiner Education (semester 1)
  • EDU782 The Art of Steiner Education (semester 2)
  • EDU783 Steiner Curriculum Development and Evaluation (semester 1)
  • EDU784 Assessment Principles and Practice in Steiner Education (semester 2)

About the program

You will love this program if you are currently a qualified early childhood, primary or secondary educator wanting to expand your career opportunities in Steiner/Waldorf schools in Australia and overseas, or if you are an experienced teacher wanting to deepen and expand your pedagogy and practice.

You will study within a collaborative environment with other like-minded educators. You will work with experts in Steiner Education to connect theory with practice. You will develop expertise in Steiner education associated with contemporary issues, pedagogy, curriculum development and assessment.

The Graduate Certificate in Steiner Education is comprised of four specialist courses offered in a blended learning format. The courses are delivered online in real time, except for a compulsory two-day intensive weekend component for each course. All online ‘lectorials’ are delivered once a week via a two-hour live Zoom session, and are recorded for those unable to make the real-time meetings.

Study is accessible from anywhere and travel is optional. All students are required to attend the dual mode intensives either via Zoom or face-to-face on campus, which typically take place in the university’s week 6 or 7 each semester. Intensives run back-to-back, so those enrolled in two courses who attend in person need only make one trip to the Sunshine Coast each semester. Students have the option to begin the Graduate Certificate in either Semester 1 or 2. Upon successful completion of the four Steiner Education courses, students receive a Graduate Certificate in Steiner Education, or may continue to complete a Master of Education with a specialisation in Steiner Education.

If you wish to meet the requirements to proceed at a later stage to the Doctor of Philosophy program, you should complete the Education Research Specialisation within the Master of Education.

Further information:

FEE-HELP support is available, with no up-front costs to enrolling students, aside from travel and accommodation during each two day intensive. For questions relating specifically to enrolments, cost, whether you qualify for the program, please contact USC Student enquiries:

More details about the Graduate Certificate in Steiner Education are here:

Further questions about the program itself? Please contact the coordinator, Dr Shelley Davidow, Lecturer in Curriculum and Pedagogy, University of the Sunshine Coast,

Please note that following admission procedures to the university, once a student accepts their offer, they must then follow up the offer by enrolling in the course.