Graduate Certificate in Steiner Education

Graduate Certificate Steiner Education at the University of the Sunshine Coast


The Graduate Certificate in Steiner Education is in its 6th successful year of operation and is currently the only post-graduate Steiner Education program in Australia. It is coordinated and taught by academics who were Waldorf Steiner teachers for decades and is located at the University of the Sunshine Coast. It can be completed wholly online, in real-time or asynchronously. It also runs in dual mode, with the option of face-to-face on-campus intensives and classes for those who are able to attend. 

All regular-priced courses are eligible for HECS-HELP for Australian citizens and permanent residents, so there is no upfront cost required for the Graduate Certificate. Potential students must hold a 4-year Bachelor’s degree (any subject). This certificate is not an Australian teaching qualification and does not lead to State registration. For more on costs and how to enrol:

Who’s the course for? Teachers in Steiner, mainstream and private schools are welcome, as are parents, assistants, administrators, principals, counsellors – anyone interested in deepening their understanding of Steiner/Waldorf Education and pedagogy in a contemporary context. 

The Graduate Certificate is fully endorsed by Steiner Education Australia and many of our graduates gain employment in Steiner schools during their studies and after. 


The full program is comprised of 4 Steiner Education courses over one year (2 courses per semester) or two years (1 course per semester). Enrolments are possible twice a year – both in February and July of each year.

The 2-day mandatory intensives for each course, each semester, run back-to-back so that if you take two courses you only need to make one trip to the Sunshine Coast per semester, if you decide on the face-to-face option. There is always the option to do the intensives ONLINE via Zoom or to choose the asynchronous option. 

The first 6 weeks of each course are quite busy online. Each course meets once a week for a 1hour live discussion/workshop via Zoom. Lectures/presentations are pre-recorded and can be watched in your own time. Questions and responses are posted online. Zoom discussions/workshops are recorded so you can watch these if you are not able to attend.  

Week 6/7: face-to-face intensives on campus at Sippy Downs or via Zoom. These are mandatory and students must be present in order to fulfil course requirements. There is an asynchronous equivalent for those who cannot attend in real time.

Weeks 7-10, the second half of the semester is self-study, supported by one-on-one consults with lecturers via Zoom, and peer support, as needed.

The hours you would spend on the study are quite individual. Masters level courses say you need 10-12 hours per week, but you might need more, or less. Our previous and current students have found doing 1 course a semester plus working full-time and having a family a manageable load.

The Graduate Certificate is delivered by Dr Shelley Davidow and Dr Bronwen Haralambous, academics and teachers with international experience in Steiner/Waldorf schools. Guest presenters bring rich insights and conversations to the program. Click on the link below for a short introduction by Dr Shelley Davidow:

Course list

The Graduate Certificate in Steiner Education is comprised of the following four courses, which run over two semesters:

  • EDU781 Contemporary Issues in Steiner Education (semester 1)
  • EDU782 The Art of Steiner Education (semester 2)
  • EDU783 Curriculum Development and Evaluation in Steiner Education (semester 1)
  • EDU784 Assessment in Steiner Education (semester 2)

About the program

You will love this program if you are currently a qualified early childhood, primary or secondary educator wanting to expand your career opportunities in Steiner/Waldorf schools in Australia and overseas, or if you are an experienced teacher wanting to deepen and expand your pedagogy and practice.

You will study within a collaborative environment with other like-minded educators. You will work with experts in Steiner Education to connect theory with practice. You will develop expertise in Steiner education associated with contemporary issues, pedagogy, curriculum development and assessment.

Testimonials from students:

‘I got so much out of these classes and they are, without doubt, the most rigorous and stimulating I have attended in many years of study. ‘ 

‘I loved this course…great experience, great teaching and so good to be around like-minded people – very inspirational indeed. The online lectures and blackboard discussions were great too. The assessments were relevant and real life and I know this research is useful in my current career too. Even the readings were great; really enjoyed this whole course.’ 

 ‘The online meetings and intensive were great. Overall, an inspiring course and lecturer.’ 

 ‘I loved every minute of my engagement with this course. The content and its delivery were superb, and made for an extremely rich and valuable learning experience.’  

Further information:

Schools wishing to enrol a group of 3 or more teachers are supported with additional study-group options.

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Or contact the course coordinator Dr Shelley Davidow at

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Please note that following admission procedures to the university, once a student accepts their offer, they must then follow up the offer by enrolling in the course.