GLaM 2020: Wellbeing with Lisa Devine

SEA 2020 GLAM SEMINAR SERIES – Wellbeing with Lisa Devine

Wednesday 20 May, 2020 at 5.30pm

The SEA 2020 GLaM Zoom Seminar Series continues with a session focussing on wellbeing with Lisa Devine.

Lisa Devine originally trained as a youth worker and worked with homeless young people. After completing her Masters in Psychology, she specialized in work with conflict situations and trauma. She also followed her lifelong love of dance and trained to become a Eurythmist.

For the last fifteen years she has worked as Chaplain in Australian Steiner schools.

Lisa has created a life skills program for children and adolescents which she delivers around the country. The work of Rudolf Steiner is a source of grounded inspiration for her work as a chaplain, mediator, and counsellor.

To be available for life, to be deeply glad, even grateful, to be in the midst of the challenges of life is the gift of wellbeing. It is the fundamental source of our energy for our biography and keeps us in touch, in a profoundly tangible way, with our deeper decision to be on earth in these times. It lives in a place deeper than our mind, allows us to be fully present in the moment, and is child-like in the best sense of the word. Like a healthy five-year-old, wellbeing enables us to dive into the goodness of life, into the flow of timelessness, and play, no matter what is unfolding around us. We can foster, nourish and renew our wellbeing as a lived experience and learn to tend this precious part of our humanity.

This seminar will address how to activate this deep wellbeing source in a way that permeates the different layers of the school, each in their own way. In particular, the leading groups of the school are the key to a cascade of wellness. Often they get caught in a cycle of responding frenetically to crises and then lying fallow from exhaustion. Imagine if this wellbeing was like warm wings carrying us and shining confidence. courage, and creativity like a sun.

This seminar is for wellbeing staff and support staff, teachers, school leadership teams, HR staff, school board and council members and all staff interested in wellbeing. 

There is no cost for SEA Members to participate in this seminar. Places are limited, so please register for the seminar via the link below.

Please contact if you have any questions.