EduCareDo Subject Courses​

EduCareDo have announced five new year-long EduCareDo subject courses which are each focused on a specialized area of study in the light of anthroposophy. The courses are inspired by Erwin Berney’s vision of additional EduCareDo courses that would allow people to deepen their understanding of anthroposophy through the same form of accessible, experiential, self-directed distance-learning offered through the Foundation Course.

Courses are weekly or fortnightly over a one year time frame and can be begun at any time. 

Please click on the links below, and contact the EduCareDo team for more information.

Biodynamic Agriculture & Nutrition
Primary Author: Anthony Mecca
This course explores the wisdom and practice of Rudolf Steiner’s indications for biodynamic agriculture and nutrition.

Inner Development for World Development
Primary Author: Lisa Romero
This course awakens and deepens the various paths of inner development by understanding how self-development, meditation, and our spiritual life transform ourselves and the world.  Please click on the link below for a complimentary lesson:


Speech and Drama as Living Arts
Primary Authors: Séamus Maynard and Meaghan Witri
Inspired by teachings and indications from Rudolf Steiner, Michael Chekhov, and others, this course offers a foundation for training one’s soul capacities towards greater and more conscious participation within the evolution of the arts.

Transforming Society Seeds for a New Social Understanding
Primary Author: Seth Jordan
This course provides a foundation for understanding and transforming social life through the insights of Rudolf Steiner.

Visual Art: Exercises in Painting and Color
Primary Author: Laura Summer
This course includes an exploration of Rudolf Steiner’s approach to color and painting, and questions of working with painting in conjunction with text, meaning, and devotion.