Class Teacher Intensives, 2019

  • Date Jan 13 2019 - Jan 18 2019
  • Venue Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School, Middle Cove, Sydney


2019 Steiner Class Teacher Curriculum Intensives

13th-18thJanuary 2019   Classes 1-7


Valentin Wember- The Art of Child Study- 2-4 pm.

New Teachers Intro – 2-6 pm Alan Drysdale and Diane Tatum

Handcrafts – Sunday 2-6 pm Elizabeth Ellean/Vanessa Snaith

Bothmer Gym- Louise Swanson- 2-5.30 Classes 3-6

Lectures and Presentations

Sunday Evening – 7.00pm – 8.30pm

Valentin Wember studied philosophy, literature, music and science of education in Hamburg, Berlin and Stuttgart. For 28 years, Wember worked with great conviction and enthusiasm as a Waldorf teacher in Stuttgart and Tübingen. His published books include The Five Dimensions of Waldorf Education, Soul Responsibility and more recently The Will to be Free: a Philosophy for Young People.

The Five Dimensions of Steiner/Waldorf Education

This lecture is on the Basic Elements or the “big 12”, Methods in five Areas, Seven Navigating Instruments for Education in the Future focussing in part on deeper questions of physiological effects, The Spiritual Dimension of Waldorf Education on 7 levels and Enthusiasm of the Heart relating to teachers. It will set the groundwork for the work of this intensive week.


Monday Morning – 9.15-10.30 Valentin Wember

What is Steiner Education Really About? What are the less-well known or perhaps unknown aspects of the Art of Education by Rudolf Steiner


Tuesday Morning 9.15-10.30 Valentin Wember

The Five Mysteries of Developing Will Forces


Thursday Morning-Lisa Romero

The Teacher’s Path of Inner Development in Teaching

Lisa Romero is a complementary health practitioner and adult educator who has delivered education enriched with anthroposophy since 1998. From 2006 the primary focus of her work has been teaching inner development and anthroposophical meditation. Steiner Books has published her books: “The Inner Work Path”, “Developing the Self”, “Living Inner Development”, “Sex Education and the Spirit” and Spirit –led Community”. Lisa lectures and presents courses and retreats on inner work and anthroposophical meditation for professional and personal development in Australia, America and England. Essentially Lisa’s work springs from the inner work, meditation and exercises together with a dedication to the path of unfolding consciousness. She brings a depth of insight that is reflected in the experiences of the participants who share in this work. 


Friday Morning- Lisa Romero

How can we relate to the Idea of the Spirit within our World?


Valentin Wember will also do a session for each class group

Class 1 Clarifying What Steiner Education is Really About.

Class 2 How do we prepare the children for the utmost important things in life?

Class 3 The Rubicon- the switch in the middle of childhood.

Class 4 – 7 Ways of unfolding Social Capacities

Class 5/6 Facing Puberty- Challenges to prepare the great metamorphosis

Class 7 In the Eye of the Storm

Class – Specific Lecturers/Tutors
Class 1

Main Tutor

Andrew Hill B.A. (Hons), Dip. Arts, M. Ed.  

Andrew Hill lectured for many years in the full-time Advanced Diploma of Steiner Education- Teacher Training course in Steiner Pedagogy, English and Science.Andrew has taken three class teacher cycles from Classes 1 to 8. With a background in Anthropology and English literature as well as experience in a curative school, Andrew has been involved in many aspects of Steiner school curriculum, teaching and management.

Class 2

Pauline David BA Dip Ed B.Ed.  (Post Grad) Certificate in Steiner Education

Pauline has taken through three Class Teacher cycles as well as having taught English, History and Media Studies in High School. She has been a lecturer at the Melbourne Teacher Training Seminar in Curriculum and Class Teaching, Storytelling, Science and Geography.

She plays in a recorder group and has an abiding interest in eurythmy, Sophiology and the Divine Feminine.

Class 3

Main Tutor

Andrew Hill – See above

Class 4

Main Tutor

Bernadette White Dip. Cur Ed.

Bernadette White trained as a curative teacher in England before working at Inala Curative School in Sydney, taking a class through. She was a class teacher at the Perth Waldorf School and then took a cycle through at Glenaeon School. With a love of both the oral language tradition and history she has tutored in Speech for morning circle, Anthroposophy, Steiner Pedagogy and many aspects of curriculum. She moved to Auckland and thankfully returns in January to contribute to the Class Teacher Intensives. She will have just finished teaching her own Class 4

Class 5 and 6 Main Tutor Ann Jacobson

Ann Jacobson B.A. (Hons), M.Ed. (Hons) M. Mus., LTCL

Ann Jacobson has been a class teacher for more than 27 years.She has tutored in the History module in the full-time teacher training, bringing the Cultural Epochs and Human Environment as well as having lectured in Main Lesson Theory and Child Development. Ann has just completed Class 7 in her current round of class teaching. She will be the main lecturer for Class 6 and Class 7 teachers. 

Class 6 and 7

Alan Drysdale

Alan Drysdale has degrees in Economics and Politics and a B.Ed. in Drama and Spoken Language. He has worked in the field of education in Australia, England, New Zealand and the Netherlands for the past 40 years; with 20 of these years being in Steiner Ed. Alan trained in Steiner Education at Emerson College. He is currently doing his third cycle as a class teacher at SVSS. Recently his work has extended to lectures, workshops and teacher training in India.

Science Class 6 and 7

Jeremy Board

Jeremy has been a Class Teacher at Mt Barker School in the Adelaide Hills for over 25 years. Science is his specialty and his work for many years with Peter Glasby has been an enriching presence in his career. He has tutored in Teacher Training in India as well as in the Curriculum Intensives.

Neil Carter B.Sc. (Hons), Dip. Teach, Dip. Waldorf Ed. (Stuttgart)

Neil retired from teaching this year, having taught all ages from 6 to 18 year olds in Steiner Schools in New Zealand from 1982-2014. He has given teacher education courses in New Zealand, Asia and Australia and is an experienced mentor. He will bring Astronomy and also his expertise to Class 6/7 Science.

Visual Arts

Sue Schuster

Sue has had over 25 years art teaching experience in Steiner schools both in the high school at Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School and as a Class teacher at Little Yarra Steiner School, where she took a leading role in developing the art curriculum. She has tutored Painting, Drawing and Clay at the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Seminar and given workshops for Steiner teachers in Australia and Malaysia. Sue was the writer of the Australian Steiner Visual Arts Curriculum K-10 for ASCF and currently co-teaches with husband Johannes Schuster, who runs courses in Australia and overseas on The Architecture of Universal Beauty. 

Eurythmy, Movement and Child Study

Diane Tatum, B.A., Eur Dip., M. Cur Eur, M. Ed.

Diane taught at the New York School after comple5ting her Eurythmy training in Germany. She was then a member of the Eurythmeum Performing Group in Stuttgart before undertaking the Curative Eurythmy training. She has been a Eurythmy teacher at Kamaroi School in Sydney for 16 years and has tutored in Choreography, Child Observation and Inner Development as well as Eurythmy in the Advanced Diploma and the Curriculum Intensives for many years.

Music and Singing

Christian Lillicrap

Christian trained at the Royal College of Music in London before he taught music in England. He then became the Music Teacher at Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School, working with both Year 1-8 and High School students. During this time he studied to complete his Steiner Teaching qualification at Plymouth University. He was the writer of the Australian Steiner Music Curriculum in 2013/14 and has continued to tutor the trainee teachers in Music at Sydney Rudolf Steiner College.

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Curriculum Intensives 2019

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