Class Teacher Curriculum Intensives

  • Date Jan 11 2021 - Jan 15 2021
  • Venue Via Zoom

January class Teacher Curriculum Intensives

January Class Teacher Intensives 2021- January 11th to 15th

Glenaeon School in Conjunction with the Pedagogical Section in Australia

Listening to the Call of the Spirit in our Times

In Service of the Children and our Future

Day 1   Peggy Day- Opening – The Call of the Spirit in our Times

Message from the Goetheanum – Christof Wiechert- The Human Being and the World

Day 2    Bernadette White- Stories of Hope in the Wisdom of World Literature

Sophia Montefiore– Biographies of our Times

Day 3   Lisa Romero- Inner Development Tasks of our Age

Day 4  Lisa Devine- The Seeds of the Future: The Poetry of the Soul in our Times

Van James – Pictures of our Future Potential in Art


Remotely via Zoom with hubs in each state. Bookings


5 Hours of lectures NESA accredited $100– plus for each year group – 9 sessions- 1 hour 40 minutes = 15 hours NESA accredited

6 Core Curriculum/Main Lesson Sessions per year group- English, History, Maths, Geography and Science interwoven- $200

3 Support Sessions– 1 Drawing/Painting per year group, 1 Inner Development per year group

1 learning Support Session per year–$100–Total Cost $400

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