Australian Youth Conference

  • Date Sep 4 2019 - Sep 8 2019
  • Venue Samford Valley Steiner School, Samford, Queensland

Australian Youth Conference

The Waldorf 100 Australian Youth Conference is the major student focussed event in Australia to celebrate 100 years since the first Waldorf school opened.

The Youth Conference will explore social renewal as its major theme, focussing on issues of our times – racism and prejudice, divisions and world conflict, Indigenous perspectives, minority groups, Australian and world-wide response to refugees, the environment and sustainability, education and imagining the future, the role of the Arts, money and ethical business.

The Conference is open to students in Years 10 and up, attending an Australian or New Zealand Steiner School.

Each day will consist of keynote presentations, workshops and forums that will be collaborative and interactive and will include engagement of the students in:

  • Thinking – engaging group discussions and question/answer forums

  • Feeling – engaging in artistic experience related to the focus of discussion

  • Willing – deciding on courses of action that can be taken to support the issue

Keynote Speakers include;

Joan Sleigh, from the Goetheanum Executive

Birth and childhood in the Camphill communities in South Africa. Attended part Waldorf and part rural State education. Moved to Germany in 1982, mothered four children and trained as Waldorf Class Teacher in Witten-Annen. Returned to Cape Town, South Africa in 1995. Worked as class teacher at Michael Oak Waldorf School from 1995 – 2012 and as teacher trainer at the Centre for Creative Education from 2006 –2012. Member of the International Forum for Steiner / Waldorf Schools (Hague Circle) and co-ordinator of the Pedagogical Section in Cape Town since 2010. She became a member of the Executive Council of the General Anthroposophical Society in 2013. She does some teaching in the student course at the Goetheanum, and is also involved with the Social Initiative Forum which had a big conference here just recently on Ethical Individualism co-run by the Friends of Waldorf Education.

Rose Nekvapil, Moral Technologies

Rose was one of the co-founders of The International Youth Initiative Program (YIP) in Järna Sweden and has mentored many young people in their initiatives and strivings to develop themselves and their work towards a new possible future. After pursuing an illustrious career in hospitality management, she experienced emptiness in the material chase for happiness, and made the decision to study Anthroposophy to find meaning and purpose. With this her life turned full circle, travelling to England, she completed the Foundation Year in Anthroposophy and the first year of the Biographical Counselling training at Emerson College.

She has been actively involved in the International Youth Section in Dornach Switzerland, and before leaving Australia was a co-founder of the Australian Youth Section. Rose is also a co-founder of Seed Australia , and its initiative Moral Technologies that aims to bring discussion and awareness to the challenges we face in the light of the technological age.

Lisa Devine

Lisa Devine trained as a youth worker in the early 1980s and worked in a range of youth at risk programs. She has a Masters in Psychology and has counselled young people and their families over many years. Lisa’sconnection to the work of Rudolf Steiner began in the 1990s when she completed her Eurythmy training. In 2013 she completed the training in Curative Eurythmy. She has worked as a Chaplain and counsellor in Steiner schools throughout Australia. Lisa is highly sought after around Australia as a speaker and facilitator in the areas of conflict resolution, child, inner and professional development – working out of the Anthroposophical impulse. She is a priest of The Christian Community, being the resident priest for the Sydney congregation.

For more information about the program, or to register for the conference, please see the attachment below.

Waldorf 100 Youth Conference 2019 Brochure

For information about the event, please contact Joan Weir