10th World Teachers Conference

Overcoming Resistance: courage for an independent spiritual life

Monday, March 28th – Saturday, April 2nd, 2016, Goetheanum in Dornach

The Waldorf school movement has achieved much since its foundation almost a hundred years ago. Its main concern is to help young people find their inner goals and create the preconditions they need to realize their ideals in adequate ways. This endeavour is shared every day anew in kindergartens and schools around the globe.

From the very beginning, the aims of the Waldorf school were social as well as educational.

“To achieve a renewal of modern spiritual life, the Waldorf School must be a true cultural deed. We must reckon with change in everything; the ultimate foundation of the whole social movement is in the spiritual realm and the question of education is one of the burning spiritual questions of modern times.” (GA 293, 20 August 1919, Anthroposophic Press 1996)

The 10th World Teachers’ and Educators’ Conference will focus on this theme to encourage schools to stand up for their ideal of an independent spiritual life. A free spiritual life needs people who strive in freedom. We each of us have the possibility today to keep a part of our soul free from external influences. This enhances individualization. New social forces will emerge if we manage to defend the soul’s intrinsic future impulses against the resistance and anti-social trends of our time. 

We are looking forward to working with you at the 10th Teachers’ and Educators’ Conference on finding the courage to tackle the tasks that lie ahead.

Program, Working Groups and Registration will follow…

For more information on the World Teachers Conference please see http://www.paedagogik-goetheanum.ch/10th-World-Teachers-Conference.6448.0.html?&L=1