Part A: Subjects granted Recognition by the Commonwealth Government (ACARA)

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • Overarching Themes

As the Primary School curriculum is an integrated curriculum, Part A provides a document for each class, setting out Topics covering all of these subjects.

Topics are content areas which can be taught as one or more integrated thematic morning blocks (Main Lessons) over 3–4 weeks. They are supplemented with practice lessons developing the content throughout the year.

ASCF Stage 1 ASCF Stage 2
Kindergarten Curriculum Class 4 Curriculum
Class 1 Curriculum Class 5 Curriculum
Class 2 Curriculum Class 6 Curriculum
Class 3 Curriculum    

Scope & Sequence

Topics List and Scope & Sequence for K–6, all subjects in one document.

Complete Primary Package

Package contains:

      • Topics List K–6
      • Curriculum K–6, Parts A
      • Scope & Sequence K–6

Subject Introductions

Package of all Subject Introductions. For access to individual Subject Introductions, please see the Subject Overviews Page.

Annotated Bibliographies

Support documents for teachers’ lesson planning, including Rudolf Steiner’s indications, reading lists and other resources. Annotated bibliographies are available in the SEA Members’ Area.

PART B: Subjects not yet included in the ACARA Recognition process

Part B of the Primary Curriculum contains other subjects which are woven through the curriculum in a variety of ways.

The Arts K-10

Not yet available

Health and PE Not yet available
Technologies Not yet available
Civics Not yet available
Economics and
Not yet available