Part A: Phase One Subjects granted Recognition by the Commonwealth Government (ACARA) 2011-2014

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • History
  • Geography

Part A of the High School Curriculum is arranged by subject. As many lessons are integrated across subjects, the curriculum is also accessible by Class/Year.

Subject Introductions show how the content is brought to the students as they progress from Kindergarten to Year 10. They are available on this page as a zip package.To access individual Subject Introductions, please see the Subject Overviews page.

  Stage 3 Stage 4
  Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
English Curriculum Curriculum Curriculum Curriculum
Mathematics Curriculum Curriculum Curriculum Curriculum
Science Curriculum Curriculum Curriculum Curriculum
History Curriculum Curriculum Curriculum Curriculum
Geography Curriculum Curriculum Curriculum Curriculum
Packages Year 7
All Subjects (zip)
Year 8
All Subjects (zip)
Year 9
All Subjects (zip)
Year 10
All Subjects (zip)
  Topics List
Scope & Sequence
Complete Subject Package
English Topics List Scope & Sequence English (zip)
Mathematics Topics List Scope & Sequence Mathematics (zip)
Science Topics List Scope & Sequence Science (zip)
History Topics List Scope & Sequence History (zip)
Geography Topics List Scope and Sequence Geography (zip)
Packages Topics List 7–10
All Subjects
Scope & Sequence
7–10 (zip)
High School Package (zip, by Subject)

Complete High School Package

Package contains:

  • Topics List 7–10
  • Curriculum 7–10 All Part A Subjects
  • Scope & Sequence 7–10

Subject Introductions

Package of all Subject Introductions. For access to individual Subject Introductions, please see the Subject Overviews page.

Annotated Bibliographies

Support documents for teachers’ lesson planning, including Rudolf Steiner’s indications, reading lists and other resources. Annotated bibliographies are available in the SEA Members’ Area.

See also: 

Arts, Health/PE and Technologies K-10 documents in Phase 2 section.

PART B: Phase Two subjects

Arts, Health/PE, and Technologies were recognised by ACARA in September 2017.

Civics and Economics and Business are still in process.

The Arts


Health and PE Curriculum
Technologies Curriculum
Civics Still in process
Economics and
Still in process